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Bronson Arroyo: Cooking With Gas

Bronson Arroyo, “aspiring musician” and erstwhile starting pitcher, knows that he is getting older (he’s 35, now). He says he’s worried about his “23-, 24-, 23-year-old” competition. He says he’s worried that he might not look good as an old man. With these concerns in mind, Mr. Arroyo has forayed into new territory this spring: the kitchen!

No chef’s hat!

Let it be known (mostly to the ladies) that Bronson Arroyo, “seasoned” “veteran”, still got it:

Bronson got the [canned] goods.

Bronson got the blurry wine.

Bronson get the hands sticky.

Bronson got the crazy juices.

Bronson got gumption, does what he pleases.
In this case, he pleases to use a metal utensil on a coated pan.
(Not recommended.)

Bronson got eats.

Bronson got coiffure.

In light of this, the segment under examination, someone might suggest to Mr. Arroyo that his next self-improvement endeavor involve video editing.