Brunch GIF: Masahiro Tanaka’s First Glorious Stateside Splitter

Tanaka Revere Fast

Owing to how they’re merely a collection of binary code made visible to the human eye by some combination of interlinked hypertext documents and the microprocessor within the reader’s own computer, the two GIFs here of Masahiro Tanaka striking out Ben Revere yesterday by way of his first glorious stateside splitter are not technically edible.

That doesn’t mean, however, the one can’t consume them, by means of his eyes and by means of his interior self, right now during brunchtime in America.

Tanaka Revere Slow 2

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16 Responses to “Brunch GIF: Masahiro Tanaka’s First Glorious Stateside Splitter”

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  1. Grendel says:

    The swing arc of Ben Revere sums up every single one of life’s immutable futilities.

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  2. Paco says:

    Tanaka’s front foot is full of flair

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  3. Z..... says:

    why do people keep calling it a splitter when its a forkball?

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    • Alpha....... says:

      If you understand enough to gripe about the nomenclature, then you should be able to answer your own question.

      The only thing “forkball”-esque about the grip is how he holds it. The release point, the pitch effect, and speed of pitch place it firmly within the split family.

      Let me ask you this–if a pitcher uses a circle change grip and ends up throwing the pitch just as hard as his 4 seamer, is that changeup really a changeup?

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      • Z..... says:

        Its just the fact that it has been stated by multiple people, including himself and former teammates, just not very recently, that its a forkball. Casey McGehee has spoken about it often. He talked about how its a very common pitch in Japan, but Tanaka’s is obviously ridiculous and seems to do more than the usual forkball. He also pointed out something that I think we all would probably consider obvious. With Japan being much more used to seeing the pitch, and the fact that they tend to foul off more pitches, make contact, and not strikeout as often as we do here b/c we sometimes sacrifice contact for power, he thinks that will bring Tanaka’s pitch efficiency up and he’ll also see more swings and misses than he has. At the end of the day, I guess it doesnt matter what you call it. Something just annoys me for whatever reason when I see it constantly labeled as a splitter when I know its a forkball and he says himself that he doesnt throw a splitter

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        • losealot says:

          why doesn’t anyone throw a “slow ball” anymore? how about a “fade away?”

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          • Scott says:

            Joe Posnanski wrote a great piece on Dallas Braden’s perfect game. He included a discussion of the long-forgotten fadeaway, and called Braden’s changeup a fadeaway.

            “That pitch Braden throws that breaks away from righties is now widely viewed by pitching experts as a change-up and not a screwball — not that it really matters what it’s called. It is always interesting how pitches change names. There was, according to Rob Neyer, a pitch in the late 1800s called a fadeaway that some people think became the “screwball” and others think became the circle-change-up. Nobody knows for sure. Either way, it seems that Dallas Braden in 2010 throws the ol’ fadeaway.”


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        • cass says:

          He can call it whatever he wants, but it’s still a splitter.

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    • Josh says:

      Also there isnt exactly enough Pitchf/x data to effectively label his pitches at this point.

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  4. PitcherGifsPosh says:

    Dirty pitch. For gifs of every single one of Tanaka’s pitches yesterday head here:

    The cutter also looked like a valuable weapon, especially against lefties.

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  5. benagain123 says:

    got tanaka for 14$ in my mixer

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    • Brannigan, Zapp says:

      I got Tanaka for $1 in my mixer. Now, the rest of the dominoes should fall like a house of cards. Checkmate.

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  6. Roto Wizard says:

    What’s with Tanaka’s seizure of his plant foot at the beginning of his descent?

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    • Brannigan, Zapp says:

      Many pitching coaches have tried to teach him differently, but he suffers from a very sexy learning disability: sexilepsy.

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  7. Brannigan, Zapp says:

    Masahiro Tanaka’s splitter is like Branigan’s love: Hard and fast.

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