Cake!: Messrs. Jeter and Rodriguez

Here at NotGraphs, our fondness for base-and-ball-themed cakes is what all the kids are talking about. So tonight it is with enthusiasm that is at once half-bridled and half-unbridled that the writer presents your Daguerreotype of the Evening …

As you can plainly see, the above cake recreates some randy grabbing on the part of Mr. Rodriguez — a sequence of decisions and violations known among the moneyed and genteel as, “The Presumptuous Cad and His Discontents.”

(Unsolicited fondling: Sports Pickle)

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  1. scout1222 says:

    Ha! For the longest time I had that image saved on my desktop (for the lulz) as “Yankee Grab Ass” – who would have thought it would end up on a cake?

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  2. The Rajah says:

    Now we know why Jeter and Minka Kelly parted ways.

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  3. Gritsy McGamerson says:

    I see nothing about this image to imply any sort of Nancy-Boy behavior. One needs little imagination to ‘hear’ the dialogue that would accompany this exchange…

    Mr. Jeter: ” Who might that be touching my posterior in a manly and non-effete manner?”

    Mr. Rodriguez: “Why, it is only I, your baseballing comrade and chum, A-Rod.”

    Mr. J: “Ahh, Rodsie, while down there, might you readjust my athletic support hose and codpiece? They both appear to have moved away from their ideal positions.”

    Mr. R: “But of course, that’s no bother. Any by the by, your gluteal muscles are exceedingly well formed.”

    You see, nothing here to suggest an evening of passion involving the Love That Dare Not Speak It’s Name. Also, that is one handsome quilt under the cake.

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