Cake: Milwaukee Sausage Racer

Look: A cake made to resemble one of the Brewers’ racing sausages!

On the other hand, the cake is plainly crafted as an homage to Guido, the Italian racing sausage. The problem is that Guido wears no. 3. The faux Guido made out of stupid buttercream frosting is wearing no. 1.

So nice try, “Noah.” Or should I say, “Al Qaeda.”

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  1. Yirmiyahu says:

    Dayn, what makes you think that that is Guido the Italian Racing Sausage, rather than just a picture of some guy who’s not wearing pants?

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    • Resolution says:

      This cake is clearly less a cake and more of a projective test. I see a boy transitioning awkwardly through adolescence running away from his ‘stupid’ parents who just ‘never understand’.

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  2. manuscript says:

    as a milwaukee brewer fan who has, on occasion, let my snap judgments get the best of me, i have to wonder if maybe you’re not judging this one clearly. note that the cake does say “Happy 1st Birthday Noah!” ergo, i believe the allegedly erroneous number one here has been adapted to the birthday boy’s age. further, you’ve gone to the next level, calling noah – apparently a one year old child – “al qaeda.” while this did make me laugh, i think you’ve missed the mark here, as well. clearly this cake is the work of a ravenous milwaukee brewer fan parent, not the one year old that it was bestowed upon.

    kudos to said ravenous parent. you must start them early.

    also, my friends and i now have a side conversation going about whether or not this cake might be infused with real sausage bits and, just maybe, if that frosting is secret stadium sauce flavored…

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    • Glenn Beck says:

      Have you never heard of anchor babies before? Of course a one-year old can be a part of al-qaeda, and if he doesn’t slam his fist into the cake in outrage of this egregious error – its only further proof of his terrorist brainwashing.

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  3. ettin says:

    “He is not a number, he is a free sausage!”

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  4. Greg says:

    Open your eyes. These sausages are forced to run on a daily basis, despite being nearly blind and physically unbalanced, for mere spectator pleasure. And what becomes of them once they have become to old to run? They are hacked into pieces and sold to the spectators at outrageous prices as food. This barbaric practice must be stopped.

    Join the Cause
    Join the NAASLP (National Association for the advancement of Sausage-like Peoples) today.

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