Cardboard Card Goodness

So loyal NotGraphs commenter Card Archives (more on that name in a moment), who is also a broad-shouldered captain of industry, has done a thing and that thing is amazing.

I can’t begin to fathom the Mennonite’s toil that went into cataloguing every Topps baseball card ever, but I stand agape. And then I fall down, still agape.

So lose yourselves within his pages, stick-and-ball enthusiasts, and know that here at NotGraphs a hero walks among us.

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Card Archives

I wrote a program to steal-borrow them from the internet. Last year, Topps Co. launched a program that included little cards that randomly gave you a MYSTERY card from their archives from 1952 to 2009. I then trained baby dolphins to retrieve said cards from the internet and place them into wordpress. If you’ve had tuna in the last two years, it’s probably included one of my baby dolphins.

I do appreciate your praise, but I’d prefer it to be the kind of back-handed praise you give the guys pictured on “Hot Girls With Douchebags.” He’s still a doucebag, but you respect him for pullin’ in the good stuff regardless of his means or methods.

By the way, this is totally not an acknowledgment of steal-borrowing, Topps.