Cardinals Battle For Bench Spot, Cliche All-Star Team


It is shaping up to be quite a battle in Florida for the Cardinals’ final bench spot, with three candidates who all brought out the big paragraphs in an interview with Fox Sports Midwest earlier in the week. I think it’s pretty hard to call this one:

Adron Chambers:

“I just want to get on base. I want to steal some bases. I have Willie McGee and Ozzie Smith out here helping me and they were great ballplayers and great base stealers and the kind of player I want to be, not necessarily home run hitters but could run and had great athletic ability and could do some damage on the base paths and create some things.”

Shane Robinson:

“I learned a couple hard lessons that nothing is guaranteed in this game so I’m just going to go out there and do what I can to the best of my abilities and hopefully put that seed in the coaches head that this is the guy they want. I want to show the coaches that I’m the guy they want. I don’t want to be on the fence with anything. I want to bust my butt and do all the things right that I need to do and when it comes to when they are picking the team, I don’t want to be the guy that’s on the fence. I want to be the guy they say, ‘this is the guy we want on the team, no ifs, ands or buts about it. He hustles, he does all the right things. He’s smart. That’s pretty much it.”

Justin Christian:

“Everybody here is a heck of a player. For me just being able to have the opportunity to come out here, every year I’m pretty much in the same situation where you have to fight and scrap to prove yourself year in and year out. For me it’s just an opportunity to come out here and I’ve been well received over here with the Cardinals. I’m excited. I’m just a guy that’s going to give it 110 percent every day, whether I’m starting or not starting, I’m going to go out there and be a team guy and play hard every day. Every time I’m in the lineup I’m going to try to bring to the table some good defense and some situational hitting and try to steal some bases.”


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4 Responses to “Cardinals Battle For Bench Spot, Cliche All-Star Team”

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  1. CurtisStarkeyfan4life says:

    Sounds like Chambers has the inside track

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  2. steex says:

    It will all come down to who wants it most. Chambers clearly knows his cliches don’t measure up, so he’s resorted to Cardinal name dropping.

    At the end of the day, I think the “110%” reference is key for a bench spot in St. Louis. I give the edge to Christian.

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  3. jfree says:

    No wonder these guys are on the roster bubble. Don’t they realize that the replacement-level cliche has risen dramatically ever since Bull Durham?

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  4. Antonio bananas says:

    It’s is a sabre site. We can’t be looking at traditional cliches. We need to spot the overlooked and undervalued cliches.

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