Carlos Gomez: Friend & Foe to Animals

As my colleague David G. Temple discovered yesterday, the Twitter account of Milwaukee Brewers CF Carlos Gomez is a veritable visual muse.

In addition to revealing an unlikely friendship with Manny Ramirez, The TwitPix of CarGoII reveal his enigmatic relationship with animals. Bear witness:

W/ Emú: Hunting buddy or future prey?

Emú, I will soon decide
to shoot you or make you
my friend.
So much depends on
whether you can smell better
animals than you
to eat
because if I shoot you
I will not want to eat
your nasty flesh —
your feathers are too sharp
to wear.
I have such smooth skin,

So, what can you sniff,
coarse-wingéd friend?
Rabbit? Duck? Turkey or cow?
Tell me now, because too soon
what you sniff will be hot metal dust,
your own blood,
wasted meat,

Purveyor of Animal Husbandry, or not so much?

Horse whispering…to a future horse-meal.

Presumably belovéd child-bear.

Riddles, all!

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3 years 6 months ago

Not an emu. Ostrich.

The Director
The Director
3 years 6 months ago

It’s cool you guys, he’s just checking out the zoo on his way to hunting. He’s not going to blow away that caged bird, execution style. Right?

nu? Billy Barooo
nu? Billy Barooo
3 years 5 months ago

have thy a grudge?