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Carlos Pena Signs a Taco

This video of Carlos Pena signing a taco is actually the third in a series of three taking place over three consecutive spring trainings. I’ll submit that, while Episode Two is certainly watchable, it lacks the chemistry between the principal players that one finds in Episode Three. (Episode One, for its part, appears to be entirely absent from YouTube — which, that probably means it’s being remade with a bigger budget or something.)

In any case, here’s what happens in all the videos:

1. The cameraman and his friend — in attendance at Tampa’s spring-training facility — are like, “Hey, Carlos, sign this taco!”

2. Carlos Pena is all, “Signing tacos is weird!”

3. Carlos Pena signs the taco.

4. The cameraman’s friend eats the signed taco.

5. Fin.

As I say above, this particular installment is the third in a series, and it was posted 10 months ago, suggesting that it’s from Spring Training 2010. To say that the world is on the edge of its collective seat, wondering if now-Cub Pena and Co. will continue this tradition — that’d be an exercise in understatement, obviously.

H/T: Erik Frigging Hahmann