Quiz: Carson Cistulli, or Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

Hey, I bet you’re tired of Spring Training highlights, projection systems, talk of position battles and depth charts, and probably just baseball in general. I mean, that’s why you’re at this baseball website right now, instead of working, chillin’ with family or friends, or pursuing a more productive hobby.

In that case, won’t you participate in this distracting internet-quiz, which asks you to identify whether a given photo depicts belovéd NotGraphs editor Carson Cistulli or former pre-teen heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Thank you.

NOTE: The quiz formatting is screwy, because I am dumb. The quiz-taker will maybe have to scroll to the right, or be satisfied with clicking a truncated “Continue” button to advance to the next “page” of the quiz. Thank you.

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6 Responses to “Quiz: Carson Cistulli, or Jonathan Taylor Thomas?”

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  1. Kyle says:

    100%! *Hangs head in shame*

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    • Big Jgke says:

      I’m not sure what’s more depressing about the perfecto here, that I can spot JTT from a mile away, or that I guess I can do the same for Cistulli.

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  2. ryan says:

    My favorite is “Q.5 Please enter your question here”. I got it correct!

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  3. AC of DC says:

    If my hazy recollection of that forebodingly mindless decade is correct (and I shall not waste the moments verifying), young Mr. Not-Cistulli was thrust upon the public through the vehicle of the sitcom, “Home Improvement.” I cannot imagine that Tim Allen, with all his fruitless and forced machismo, would ever let a co-star — even a heart-throbbing youth — cultivate such a tender and ladylike hand as appears in item 5. That could only be the appendage of Cistulli, I knew as soon as I saw it.

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