Case of the Blue Jays Hat: Moral Quandary Resolved!

Yesterday, the readership was asked to use their hearts and brains and computers to address the moral quandary of DRaysBay editor and RotoGraphs contributor and bearded gentleman Erik Hahmann. Specifically, said readership responded to this query: would he (Hahmann) — as someone who actively supports the Tampa Bay Rays — would be a bad fan were he to buy some form of Blue Jays team apparel?

After 24 hours of polling, it appears as though the bespectacled readership has answered, loudly and decisively, “Meh, whatever.”

Regard the startling, entabled results after the jump!


Answer Text Vote Count Vote Percent
Decidedly Yes. 114 25.7
Decidedly No. 91 20.5
Moral Grey/Gray Area. 213 48.1
Other: 25 5.6

About half of the readership felt strongly enough about the matter to give a decisive “Yes” or “No” answer, with the votes being roughly split between those two responses.

The majority of readers, much like David Hume and Adolf Hitler, take a moral relativist tact to Hahmann’s crisis, suggesting that there is no “right” decision in the matter.

Finally, among those who answered “Other,” we find comments like:

• “If he were a fan of a National League team, it’d be okay. Otherwise, no.”


• “Seems like a push poll to me — not enough options. I will not be manipulated.”

And, finally:

• “Buy American, buttmunch.”

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15 Responses to “Case of the Blue Jays Hat: Moral Quandary Resolved!”

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  1. @wheeler_josh says:

    Buy American? Isn’t all MLB apparel made in China?

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  2. All New Era caps, including Blue Jays ones are made in America.

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  3. jw says:

    But the real question is, grey versus gray? (it took me three tries to spell it the American way there, my fingers just kept typing the ‘e’)

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    • joser says:

      The Canadian way to spell it is to not be sure of whether to use the American or English spelling, and then belatedly realize you’re required to use gris anyway.

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  4. GBSimons says:

    I’ve always preferred it with an “e,” though I’m in the minority.

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  5. Erik says:

    I’m a relatavist wen it coms to spellllingg, doo watever flotes ur bote.

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    • Oliver says:

      That was my first real introduction to relativist thought–in 4th or 5th grade my teacher always asked “How do you spell dinosaur” so I’d spell it dinsofdasklh, or whatever. This went on for a few weeks, and finally she pulled me aside, and said, “Oliver, I know you know how to spell, what’s going on?” And I said, “You keep asking me how I spell dinosaur, not how dinosaur is spelled. She changed her phrasing after that. I felt so clever. Probably the zenith of my intellectual accomplishments.

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  6. chiefglockandhummer says:

    i’m pretty sure that in html, “grey” is a bright-ass shade of green, which seems like a real slap to the face

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  7. matty says:

    the poor guy has had to go through those insufferable early years. after dealing with that black/torquoise/rainbow mess, he’s entitled to do whatever he wants

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  8. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    I hope I never see the single phrase “David Hume and Adolf Hitler” again. The tears I weep tonight as I squirm fitfully in my bedchamber are shed for my idol and adoptive countryman. I’m sorry, David.

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  9. My echo and bunnymen says:

    I’m a Dodgers fan who owns a Lincecum shirsey, a Padres Maddux jersey, an Angels Pujols shirsey, an Phillies Lee shirsey, and team hats of 21 of the 23 stadiums I have visited (Yanks and Mets I couldn’t afford at the time). The logo on his head doesn’t define what team he is a fan of, he does.

    I’ll spell Dodgers however I wish.

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