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Cat-Astrophe at a Marlins Game

It’s hard to say really what’s best about this photo. First of all, let me set the scene. It’s a Marlins game, sometime between 1993 and now. Not many folks showed up.

With the scene sufficiently set, let’s turn our eyes to what exactly makes the picture great. The black cat no doubt is the focal point. No word yet on if he was tased or tazed or tasered, or however you spell it, but I’m guessing not. Chances are, the right fielder was late in coming out for the top of the inning, and the impressionable youngster was just trying to lend a hand to the homestanding Fish. What a trooper.

The face of the young boy is noteworthy, though I can’t take my eyes off his plunging neckline. Who lets their kid out of the house in such an outfit? (Columnist note: Probably the same ones who let him sit at a Marlins game unattended in the front row.)

The man in the middle acts unimpressed; he’s a Marlins season ticket holder. NOTHING impresses him anymore. Besides, if this cat is any good, he’ll be dealt to the American League in six years for a fishing license and a couple of lures.

That brings us to the woman on the right. Yep, she’s the one that makes the photo. It’s hard to tell if ┬ápossible she’s having a laugh, throwing a piece of popcorn down the old hatch, or having a coronary, but one thing about photography that is great is that it doesn’t matter. The look on her face is hilarious.

And for that, ma’am, we here at NotGraphs salute you.

(Props to MLB’s Facebook page for the photo)