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Melky Cabrera High Fives Joe West

On June 10th of last season, in the fifth inning of a Braves-Diamondbacks game, Martin Prado hit an infield single to third base. Teammate Melky Cabrera took third on the play. Famous umpire Joe West called time to allow then-Arizona coach A.J. Hinch to make a pitching change.

Then this happened:

Deep, prostrating bows to Peter Hjort of Capitol Avenue Club for drawing our attention to this almost forgotten event and Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing for his unparalleled .gif-ing skills.

Joe West Ejects Barry Zito’s Mustache

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, yes, friends, memes — Adventures of Joe West and Mustache Watch — have collided. And we have FanGraphs reader SYH to thank. You may remember SYH from such Adventures of Joe West as “Joe West … In Peril?

Joe West is old school. Joe West is clean cut. Joe West has no time for Barry Zito’s whiskers. They’re gone, stage left.

The Great Ejector, like God, is everywhere.

Immense gratitude to SYH. A Joe West .gif! My life is that much further to being complete.

Ejecting The Joe West Google Alert

In order to properly keep myself up to date on all things Joe West, I did what all rational human beings under the ever watchful gaze of SkyNet Google would do in the same situation: I set up a Google Alert for Joe West. Unfortunately, it did not prove fruitful, as these were the first five results harvested from the alert:

(Click to embiggen)

Medicinal marijuana, a random company, something about somebody who’s silent, an Auto Clinic, and finally, something about baseball. One-for-five isn’t good enough, and definitely not for ol’ Country Joe. That’s right, Google Alert…

(Once again, click to embiggen)


Joe West Challenges Bat Boy to a Duel

The above is evidence of Joe West’s sheer awesomeness. I didn’t even have to open Photoshop.

The bat boy, fearful, as you can clearly see, declined The Great Ejector’s challenge. Obviously.

Thank you, Derek T., for capturing this most brilliant of Joe West adventures. I am forever indebted to you.

Joe West Tosses Old Man Winter

First things first: Yes, that is the least nefarious looking Old Man Winter in the history of Old Man Winters. Not that Old Man Winter’s nefariousness matters to Joe West, one way or the other.

But look at him, Old Man Winter. Look at that smug smile on his face, as if he thinks he might actually tamper with Opening Day, this most holy of afternoons. Downright defiant is what Old Man Winter looks to me, and The Great Ejector won’t stand for it.

Old Man Winter, you’re gone! And you can take Spring Training (look very, very closely at the picture, near first base) with you!

Play ball!

Thanks to steex for the Spring Training Photoshop which blessed my email inbox. And, yes, I did squeal with delight after typing “Play ball!”

Joe West in the Garden of Eden

“And therefore Joe West sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.” – Genesis 3:23

Joe West at the Olympics

Joe West. Umpire. Singer-songwriter. Golfer. President. Equipment — “West Vest” — designer. Actor. Cowboy. Adventurer. The Great Ejector.

Last, and probably most impressive of all, Olympian.

There is nothing, friends, that Joe West cannot do.

Reader Submission: Joe West in Punch-Out!!

My man Steex is at it again. And in the process, yes, he has raised the bar.

Great Tiger, by technical knockout, you’re gone!

Little Mac, you’re cool.

Thanks Steex. And remember: if you’ve sent Joe West on an adventure, let us know about it. Let us share it with the world. Hit us up via the Team NotGraphs Hot Hotline.

Today in the Adventures of Joe West

It warms my most Canadian of Canadian hearts to know that I’m not the only one enjoying the incredible Adventures of Joe West. You, dear readers, have too embraced The Great Ejector.

Joe West’s latest escapade comes courtesy of Maine’s finest, William Tasker, and has Mr. West on the high seas. Well, not exactly the high seas, but there’s water involved.


Joe West is everywhere. Hold on tight, little lady, otherwise … you’re gone!

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Joe West Makes Things Right

Joe West has been known to kick the sh*t out of an ungentlemanly scoundrel or three, but he won’t kick the sh*t out of this one

You’re welcome, Jim Joyce. The Great Ejector has laid aside his abiding and hardwired passion for ejections in order to make a simple, pedestrian out call and clean up the hash you’ve made of history.

Armando Galarraga, perfection is yours. Republic, you are saved.

(Manly hug to Navin, who makes love to Photoshop like few others.)