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Songs Not Inspired by George Brett

Young fans hold up baseballs for Royals star George Brett to sign.

A story that broke today was, like so many stories during the early off-season, about a young songstress from New Zealand and George Brett. As it happens, the title of the very popular Lorde song Royals was inspired by a picture of none other than the Hall-of-Famer for Kansas City. This is, indeed, crack reporting. What isn’t crack reporting is creating a list of songs that were certainly NOT inspired by George Brett. That is what I have done. Read the rest of this entry »

Audio: Comedian Amy Schumer Just Saying “Inside Baseball”

Those who cling to reason will demand an explanation for the present weblog entry, which consists of little more than an embedded audio clip of comedian Amy Schumer uttering the words “inside baseball” — perhaps in the presence of NPR personality Terry Gross, perhaps not.

For those who — like probably all the members of American rock band 38 Special, for example — for those who know that one is best served merely by holding on loosely, the presence of this brief audio clip will be as second nature. “Did life even exist before I heard Amy Schumer just saying ‘inside baseball,’” those same readers will ask.

“It did and it didn’t,” is the correct answer, of course — as everyone already knows.

Baseball Withdrawl Antidote: A Young Vin Scully

We love Vin Scully for many things — one of which is his general grandpaness. But did you know Vin Scully used to be a young person? THE DEVIL I SAY! It’s true, at least according the below clip of some sort of TV show in which a young Scully acts. Is it acting if a baseball announcer plays a baseball announcer? If it is, Scully has acted quite a bit, according to his IMDB page — the go-to source for all your Vin Scully acting credit needs. The clip is from a show called Alcoa Premiere, which played scripted TV dramas that dealt with some heavy stuff. Famous movie composer John Williams also scored the show, for what it’s worth. Enjoy seeing a dark-haired Scully from a simpler time when we didn’t have to deal with all this technology and inter-racial marriages.

(h/t to the Scully-fan Twitter account @vinscullytweet)

Baseball Withdrawl Antidote: Andrelton Simmons

In my corner of America’s Middle-West, the leaves are falling with great frequency. There is also snow on the ground. If anyone needed a reminder of the demise of Summer, one need not look farther than my sprawling plot of God’s country. Certainly, the absence of Major League Baseball serves as another chilling reminder that — as I read in a book once — Winter is Coming. According to the Gregorian calendar, it is already here.

The popular Internet website “YouTube”, a video hosting and streaming service, is powered by a vast and powerful network of silicon and electricity. While it is possible for these machines to know a certain date numerically, the feel of a date is unknowable to these robots. How does one explain a gentle snowfall in bleeps and bloops? One cannot. Because of this fact, however, popular Internet website YouTube doesn’t know it isn’t baseball season. Therefore, it offers the embedded video without prejudice. And for that, we can be thankful. Hang tight, fair NotGraphs readers. We’ll get through this together. Unless I — or one of you — die. Then we most likely have bigger problems.

(h/t to ESPN’s Mark Simmon for the link.)

Become Intimate with Pedro Martinez’s Changeup

Brandon H. told Jonah K. who told all the Internet which told the author of this post that Major League Baseball appears recently to have uploaded a number of archival-type videos to their YouTube channel — including (and, for the purposes of this post, limited to) one particularly hot and sexy and hot video featuring right-hander Pedro Martinez in the bloom of goddamn youth.

“¡Ay, caramba!” announces the reader who has watched this video and also came of age, probably, during the earliest seasons of The Simpsons. “Ai, caramba!” announces a different reader after watching this video, but mostly because he’s a native Portuguese speaker. Whether one is from Brazil or Mozambique or Portugal itself, however, doesn’t matter: this video provide full-body pleasure sensation every time.

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Actual Audio of David Ortiz’s World Series Speech

So far as rousing public addresses are concerned, David Ortiz‘s Game Four one of those lacks the gravitas, probably, of Henry V’s St Crispin’s Day Speech. On the other hand, one finds that Henry V’s career WAR production was much less impressive.

Audio: One Cardinal’s Opinion on the World Series and After

Carpe Off Season

Just a friendly reminder that everything ends, and that you and everyone you’ve ever loved or will love will, someday, be gone. Baseball is no exception. But do not fret, fair NotGraphs readers. Take this time to do all the things you neglected whilst adhered to your couch. Hug your family. Volunteer. Start that patchwork quilt you bought all the stuff for. Watch football, for all I care. Just do something. Do not mourn the season. Cherish the times you had with it, but do not be melancholy. It will be back. You may not be, but it will be. Find solace in that. The winter is yours for the taking. So take it. Carpe Off Season.

CricketGraphs: Imran Khan’s Yorker of Death (Video)

Few people who saw it (probably) have forgotten right-arm bowler Imran Khan’s fantastic yorker to Greg Chappell during Pakistan’s tour of Australia in 1981. What people have likely forgotten is precisely how many sweater vests were being worn that day and how hushed were the tones of the match’s broadcast team.

David Eckstein + Parks and Rec + Bob Loblaw

Let’s do this math:

David Eckstein + Parks and Rec + Bob Loblaw = gritty; it always equals gritty

Well that’s what happened:

Because Parks and Rec had this law firm create Ron Swanson’s will.

Because Bob Loblaw is watching out for our best interests:

A secret ceremonial hat tipping, complete with unicorn costumes and blood snifters, for Tyler Hissey.