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Largely Melancholy NotGraphs World Series Chat

Comment From Posterity
“Waiting for the writer to provide content…” offers a bleak foreshadowing of how we will all feel soon.

Patrick Dubuque: Along with every editor I’ve ever written for.

Baumann: My content cannot be rushed!

Carson Cistulli: Patrick Dubuque is here and so is Craig Robinson, maybe, and an interloper named Baumann.

Carson Cistulli: Nature’s Interloper, Robert Baumann

Comment From Captain Video
Please suggest an album for me to listen to that is sufficiently bleak to accompany this chat (until the start of the game).

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John Paschal Live Chat! — 4/30/14

John Paschal: Hey, everybody! I will be here at 2:30 Eastern, or, unfortunately, “Private Time Central,” to answer all your baseball questions. So fill up the queue and I will see you then!

2:30 Almost finished, you guys. Remember: Private Time.





2:39 OK, folks. Fire away!

2:40 Comment From Diamond Dan The Baseball Man
What, in your opinion, is the precise correlation between O-Swing% and O-Contact% with regard to a batter’s position in the batter’s box, specifically his distance from home plate?

2:41 Hang on juuuust a sec, you guys. I forgot to record Judge Judy.

2:41 Sue me!

2:44 All righty, then … your questions!

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A Baseball Blogger Has a Nightmare


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Oh, sorry honey. I just the worst dream.

I was in the future, and the Marlins had just won the World Series.

I know. After everything they did. After all the teardowns we did of them, they still won. It was so … so scary.

Fernandez and Ozuna ended up signing long-term money-friendly deals early, and Stanton stayed put. They somehow built a team around a core of young players. Loria was trying so hard to screw it up, but he couldn’t. The Marlins won the World Series.

And nobody knew what to think of it. Like, we were happy for the players for winning in spite of their circumstances, but  on the other hand, Jeffrey Loria won. That was the worst part. Nobody really gave two shits about the Marlins, they were way more pissed that the bad guy won. It was like the end of Empire Strikes Back, but we were Luke, and enjoying baseball was our lightsaber hand.

I mean, from the Expos, to blowing up two World Series teams, to the ballpark fiasco, to the 2012 fire sale, to suing season ticket holders … AND THIS GUY WINS?! IS THERE NO JUSTICE?!

And they had this big parade and everything. It was the worst. All these people in brand new Marlins hats lined the streets. People kept yelling “I LOVE YOU MIKE STANTON!”

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All Your Prospect Questions, Answered

“Sure, he had a great year, but let’s see how he does somewhere other than the California League.”

“2014. Maybe.”

“If he can develop a third pitch, then he has ace potential, but if not, he’s a bullpen arm at best.”

“First base.”

“I saw him play three times last season, and still have no idea. His tools are obvious, but it’s a question of whether he can ever put it all together with any sort of consistency.”

“No, he was never indicted for it.”

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Third-Ever NotGraphs Chat

This chat will begin at 3pm ET; however, questions can be submitted any time beginning this moment.

For some idea of what might happen in a NotGraphs Chat, do considering briefly looking over this post from yesterday.

What Are the Uses of a NotGraphs Chat?

The third-ever NotGraphs Chat will take place tomorrow (Thursday) at 3pm ET. Here are some assorted thoughts ahead of same.

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves.

The attentive reader will probably know that we at NotGraphs have, in the course of the last month, hosted two chats (this first one and this second one).

Insofar as said chats have been mostly pleasant and have begotten other posts (like this one and this one), I’m prepared to describe the chat experiment as a success thus far.

Yet, it’s also clear that there’ve been some questions — both among the readership and inside my own brain — about what a NotGraphs Chat actually is and how it differs from other chats at FanGraphs.

For while, in the typical FanGraphs Chat, it’s generally the case that readers submit questions about specific players or teams — with the author answering them in turn — that’s obviously not a useful model for the authors of NotGraphs, for whom performance analysis is res non grata (which, I understand that maybe that’s not a real phrase).

To that end, I submit this post, wherein readers might suggest how these sorts of chats ought to go.

For my part, I assume some discussion of books and movies and other cultural artifacts is a possibility. Or the aesthetics of the sport, generally — including the quality of broadcasts, the best camera angles, or the very best in the mustache-related arts. Mostly, I suppose, I view it as an opportunity for people who like baseball and one other thing — whatever that thing is — to meet each other and have fun.

But, like I say, I’m curious if the bespectacled readership has any input on this matter, as well.

Second-Ever NotGraphs Chat