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Yasiel Puig Would Like to Show You a Magic Trick


We here at NotGraphs have been described in many ways; namely “irreverent”, “whimsical”, and “soon-to-be-cancelled.” Rarely, even despite the best efforts of the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team, are we described as “journalistic.”

However, this may all change today as I believe I have uncovered the secret behind Yasiel Puig’s dominance. Dude’s magic.

As you can see in this not-at-all-reversed clip above, Puig appears to have the ability to move objects at will without even touching them. Is this how he keeps those doubles away from outfielders? Can he summon fly balls into his glove? Does he make Adrian Gonzalez’s gentleman parts twitch on occasion just to freak him out?

This is obviously a turning point in the evolution of humanity. Soon, baseball will cease being a test of physical prowess and hand-eye coordination, and merely a battle of magical powers. Just wizards and warlocks duking it out. Third base will truly be the hot corner, as the fielders try to ward off fire spells from the opposing dugout. Outfielders will turn high fly balls into actual cans of corn just to be dicks.

Some writers will cry foul. They will use their indignation to create column after column about this new breed of cheaters. Those writers will be turned into goats. Eventually, everyone makes it into the Hall of Fame. The sanctity of the game is ruined.

Thanks a lot, Obama Yasiel Puig.

Highlight in Reverse and a Tune — Anthony Rizzo

Look, the merging of these two categories was bound to happen at some point. Is this the best possible vehicle for it? I can’t say. What I can say is that the impending doom of this very Internet site is leaving me with a bit of a inclination to make sure this happened at some point. Now it has. Will it make the eventual “50 NotGraphs Posts That Will Remind You How Great David G. Temple Was” retrospective at BuzzFeed? I can’t say, though I’d like to let the editors of BuzzFeed know I am available for consultation on the matter.

Nevertheless, here’s an Anthony Rizzo highlight in reverse:

Here is some music for which to accompany it:


Highlight In Reverse – Charlie Blackmon

While, at first blush, this GIF of Charlie Blackmon (courtesy of Twitter user @ChadMoriyama) may seem like an actual low-light as far as Charlie Blackmon is concerned, it’s only because we are looking at it through the wrong scope. When put through the NotGraphs Magic GIF Reverser (i.e. my very expensive laptop), we can now see the beauty in this act.

This is not a bumbling outfielder chasing down a ball in haste and self pity. This is a man romancing his childhood, a puppy chasing a whisper, a keynote presentation at a capoeira convention.

Behold. This is no longer a low-light played backward. It is a lusty tango played forward.


This has been Highlights in Reverse.

Highlight in Reverse: George Springer

Because I’ve been searching for a new theme/writing crutch, I present Highlights in Reverse.

Here’s George Springer doing a barrel roll, flipping the ball back the plate, and backpedaling to right field.


This has been Highlights in Reverse. Should I die before I see my mother again, please tell her I tried.