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Sporcle Quiz: Red Sox Draftees (or Signees) in Cubs System

Credit to David Laurila for his assistance.

Aaron Sanchez or Aaron Sanchez?

Pencils Ready? Here is Today’s Pop Quiz


On occasional occasions – and this is one such occasion – we here at NotGraphs like to see if you’ve paid attention. So … have you paid attention?

1. Before hiring Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports, Cuban free agent Rusney Castillo also considered:
(a) Sergei Rachmaninoff’s Rach Nation Sports.
(b) Johann Sebastian Bach’s Bach Nation Sports.
(c) Doc Severinsen’s Doc Nation Sports.
(d) John Holmes’ Penis Country Athletics.

2. When Manny Machado threw his bat at Alberto Callaspo, he was trying to:
(a) Teach him an important lesson about the U.S. timber industry.
(b) Administer an invigorating deep-tissue massage.
(c) “Keep him on his toes.”
(d) Marry him, in the manner of a jumping-the-broom ceremony.
(e) Both (a) and (c), and possibly (b) and (d)

3. The Nationals are attributing their recent hot streak to banana and mayo sandwiches. To what sandwich do the D-backs attribute their miserable season?
(a) PB&J (the “J” is for “Jheri curl”)
(b) BLT (the “T” is for “thumbtack”)
(c) Banana and mayo
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Your 2014 Scripps MLB Spelling Bee

The annual Scripps National Spelling Bee — my favorite non-baseball “sporting” event of the year — is on ESPN today and tomorrow. How about our own MLB Spelling Bee? Can you identify and then spell the following fifteen words/names correctly without looking them up? Try your luck in the comments.

1. This FOX broadcaster also broadcasts Reds games along with his father.

2. This is the mascot for the MLB team based in the eastern part of the Keystone State.

3. He’s the current closer for the Mets.

4. This man manages the Brewers.

5. This Padres starting pitcher is currently missing his second consecutive season due to injury.

6. This former major-league manager and 2013 Rockies first-base coach is now a catching instructor and defensive positioning coach for the Rockies.

7. This Cubs starter currently has an ERA of 1.68.

8. This former A’s reliever became a starter in 2008 and finished the year with a 2.54 ERA and a WHIP under 1.

9. This former Braves starter, who made the 2011 All-Star Team, was just signed to a minor league contract by the Reds.

10. This former Rays top shortstop prospect is now serving a harsh punishment on the Phillies (and on their AAA team).

11. This pitcher from Hawaii, formerly a Mariners and Royals reliever, currently plays for the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League and has a last name similar to the first baseman for the Yankees.

12. This first baseman was never really given a chance in Kansas City, and didn’t do so well when given a chance in Oakland.

13. This former Blue Jay and Cardinal is currently a member of the Indians bullpen.

14. This man was a backup catcher for the Padres, batting .144 from 1981 through 1984.

15. This former Mariner and Tiger left fielder, first baseman, and third baseman, currently plays in Buffalo for the Blue Jays’ AAA team.

Pop Quiz! Anonymous Middle Reliever or Edith Wharton Character?


It’s usually about this time every year where I sit down and look at the forty man rosters of each club, and realize there are about a billion random middle relievers I don’t know anything about. I don’t think that’s because I don’t do my due diligence. Moreover, given the high turnover rate for relievers, I don’t feel like it’s my duty to memorize all these guys either. They’re all going to be gone in two years, and I’ll have to learn a whole new set of forgettable names. None of you know or care about them.

Don’t think so? Fine, we’ll prove it. Pop quiz, hotshot. Modern day middle reliever I hadn’t heard of or fictional character from an Edith Wharton novel? I’m tired of relaxed grading standards. You need to get at least 80 percent to pass. Read the rest of this entry »

Quiz: To What Has Noah Syndergaard Been Likened Today?

Promising Mets right-hander Noah Syndergaard, whom the club acquired as part of the trade that sent R.A. Dickey to Toronto, has been the locus of some attention today at the club’s camp in Port St. Lucie. Take the following meaningless quiz to guess which objects and/or people Syndergaard has and hasn’t been likened.

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Morbid, Dumb, Impossible, and Morbid Baseball Sporcle Quiz

Sumo Crying
This image certainly isn’t more absurd than what you’re about to do.

The author, who will remain nameless, has created a morbid and dumb and impossible and morbid baseball-related Sporcle quiz — to which comment the reader is maybe thinking, “Pssh, I bet I can totally answer it.” And to which hypothetical thought, the nameless author is now replying: “No. No, you can’t.” And also replying: “Even if you could, what’s the point, really?”

Very Short Quiz Problem: Identify This One Sound

The reader has only one choice to make: does he or she like pleasure? If the answer is in the affirmative, clicking the button embedded below is to be advised.

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Quiz: Is This a Description of the 1993 Phillies Clubhouse?

Jackson Apparently
Pictured: multitudes within multitudes within still more multitudes.

The reader is invited to indulge of the following paragraphs, which await the reader not unlike a sexy Helvetica-shaped coed awaiting the reader.

Ever get nostalgic for 1970s youth hostel decor? Look no further — the trappings of table football, board games and musty old books have all been slavishly recreated here. One of the cheapest places in the city, it’s also a local canteen, complete with sticky table-tops and the tenacious smell of stale beer that bears witness to many a debauched evening. The décor is an incoherent mixture of second-hand furniture with some good pieces, and of bent wood hat stands with peeling wallpaper.

One perches uncomfortably on chairs or on a knackered old sofa, knocking back jugs of beer or rum mixers and mopping it all up with a cheap charcuterie board. During the day the place is tranquil… Always full in the evenings, it gets busiest when the gigs start, mostly with locals. A decidedly blue collar venue, but none the worse for that.

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Josh Reddick’s Beard Caught Up in WWE’s Top Feud

Back in March, WWE superstar Daniel Bryan laid down a challenge to Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics.

The beard-off was later accepted by Reddick, with the details as follows: grow your beard until the end of the calendar year and fans would vote on whose beard was better. The loser of the vote would then have to shave it off.

While Reddick trimmed his early in the year, the former “American Dragon” hasn’t tamed his at all.

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