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Must-$ee Clickbait: A Lucrative NotGraphs $lideshow

If you’ve spent any length of time on the Internet, you’ve likely noticed three conspicuous things – actually, four, if you count No. 1 as two:

1) Breasts
2) One weird trick
3) The slide show

It will shock exactly none of you, provided that all of you attended the London School of Economics, that the motive behind this trio of ’Net essentials is something I like to call “money.” The way it works is this: Click on a breast, someone makes money. Click on the second breast, someone makes twice as much money.

Got that? The theme here is money.

One weird trick to making money, it turns out, is to produce what we in the Internet industry call a “slide show.” A slide show works like this: You find a slide, and then you “show” it. After that, you drive your Lambo to the bank.

And so, in the spirit of driving my Lambo to the bank, I give you this slide show. Please bear in mind that the slides used in this show have not given their expressed written consent, so, when I drive to the bank, I will probably take the back way.

Also, I will probably drive the blue Lambo, not the red one.
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Gentleman’s Slideshow: Notable Baseball Personages Who Also Attended Fine New England Boarding Schools

It’s generally the custom of the present author to confine the headlines of his posts to just a single line. Such is the importance of this particular post, however, that it’s necessitated a violation of that very sound practice, and whatever monstrosity of design it’s created.

A slightly less than cursory inspection of Wikipedia has produced the results for what follows — “what follows” being a slideshow both for gentlemen and also by gentlemen of notable baseball personages who’ve also attended fine New England boarding schools.

It commences here:

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Dumbest Slideshow: Who Shouldn’t Hit Leadoff for the Red Sox

In this site’s day-old tradition of slightly modifying and re-packaging headlines from, the author presents the following and hastily made slideshow, which serves as a definitely unnecessary response to Paul Swydan’s recent piece regarding the current state of the Boston Red Sox.

Slideshow: Future Josh Reddick in the Future

Josh Reddick, who hit his first home run of the season just minutes ago (box), has drawn some attention this spring for his rather convincing impression of a feral human man — in particular, with regard to the hair and beard part of his body.

“What will he look like when’s older, though?” is a question the reader has definitely asked himself, for the purposes of this post.

With a view to answering that exact question, the editors of the present site either did or did not travel into the future, collect images of Josh Reddick, and return to 2013. They either did or did not then organize five of those same images into the form a of a slideshow.

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Slideshow: Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo Amongst the People

While there are a number of things one might reasonably detest about the Boston Red Sox and the club’s attendant culture, one of those things is not the club’s television broadcast team, ministers of insouciance Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy. For whatever their flaws, Orsillo and Remy are manifestly dedicated to the proposition that the point of watching baseball is to extract enjoyment from it. And if the play of the team itself has facilitated fewer opportunities for pleasure in recent seasons, Orsillo and Remy have remained playful and accessible on air.

Therefore, it was not surprising to find — during the final inning of Boston’s final spring-training game at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida — it was not surprising to find the pair (and especially Remy) signing various souvenirs and interacting with fans directly from the press box even as play continued.

Here, via the sophisticated medium of slideshow, are select images from the episode in question:

Images from MLB.TV footage of Saturday’s Red Sox-Twins game.

Slideshow: Miguel Sano Is Too Big


Nineteen-year-old Miguel Sano was drafted signed as a shortstop. He was then seen as oversized for that position, so he was moved to third base. As the above photo — where he is compared to the 5’10”, 175 lb. Eduardo Escobar — shows,  he may be a little large for third base as well. But Sano’s largeness doesn’t just apply to the baseball field. Miguel Sano is too big for many, many things.

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Slideshow: Photos in Which John Kruk Is Definitely Sweating

The author has just learned how to integrate slideshows — i.e. the highest form of human communication — into the pages of NotGraphs. Let’s commemorate this important moment by enjoying a slideshow populated by seven images in which former major-leaguer John Kruk is definitely sweating.

To wit: