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Brand-New Site: MLB Fade Rumors

MLB Fade Rumors
Click to embiggen.

Contrary to the reader’s poorly formed beliefs and deeply-held values, the image here is not the product of an hour’s worth of belabored photo-editing, but rather a real screencap of a real website regarding men’s hairstyles found recently by the author on Her Majesty’s secret internet.

Sammy Sosa Is on Pinterest, Has Numerous Poses for You

FanGraphs CEO and founder and ubermensch David Appelman has alerted the author to the presence of a Sammy Sosa Pinterest account. Now, said author does the same for all of probably less than 0.00001% of America — while noting, at the same time, that Sosa’s account is mostly just a record of him wearing two outfits in a tastefully decorated home-office.

The internet visitor does, however, become slightly more acquainted with how Sosa might react in certain, more routine and workaday situations. Here, for example, is what Sammy Sosa looks like when you interrupted him using his smart phone, but he’s not upset about it:

Sosa 1

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Site You Can Easily Visit: Baseball Card Vandals

There are jokes, reader, and then there are jokes — the difference being primarily that one kind of them is italicized.

On a probably related noted, the editors of Tumblr account Baseball Card Vandals improve baseball cards via Sharpie-brand markers, with results that one might alternately describe as “grotesque” and “whimsical” — and even “Dadaist in spirit,” were one feeling emboldened.

Like in this instance:

Bad Minton

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Jayson Werth Hits Walk-Off Home Run, Internet Does the Rest

Just when I think the Internet can’t get any dumber, it goes and does something like this — JWerth Riding Things — and totally  redeems itself.

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Two Screenshots from Postseason.TV

Today’s NLDS game between St. Louis and Washington (live boxscore) is available only on the MLB Network and online, using MLB’s playoff streaming-video product, Postseason.TV. Which, that means — for those of us who (a) don’t have the former but also (b) want to watch the game — that a purchase of the latter is necessary.

Below, for those interested, are two screenshots from Postseason.TV — the first an example of the “quad feed” option, which features four camera angles simultaneously; the second, of the “tight center” option by itself.

Note that, while Bob Costas’s commentary accompanies the feed, that there is no “presentation”-style editing — meaning the viewer himself controls what he sees. Also, there are no instant replays.

Here’s the aforementioned “quad feed” (click to embiggen):

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Found: Quintin BERRY

I have recently discovered Roar of the Tigers, and my life has improved immeasurably. Mostly due to the incredible illustrations of Quintin Berry, by Samara Pearlstein, below.

NotGraphs, meet Quintin Berry. Quintin Berry, NotGraphs.

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Website Review: Meowjer League Baseball

Review: Complete.

Hat tip, glove slap, and furtive glance to Steve Slowinski for pointing this out to me.

Spring Fling: Assorted Lasorda

Tommy Lasorda, brief and awful Major League pitcher, legendary former manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, godfather to Mike Piazza‘s younger brother and to Alex Avila, recipient of all sorts of honorary positions, current “Goodwill Ambassador” (read: Walmart Greeter) for Major League Baseball (despite a history of amazing, amazing profane tirades), and still a perennial presence at Dodgers’ spring camp, is going to turn 85(!) this year.

In his twilight, he has embraced Twitter. Surprisingly, his tweets are cogent and even integrate a full range of hashtags, @’s, links, and pics. He interacts with fans and young players alike, and he’s not at all curmudgeonly or haughty about his success (though he doesn’t hesitate to post office-poster-worthy phrases of disgusting optimism that all seem to vary only slightly from “If you think you are a winner then you will be a winner”). I’m not sure if someone is ghost-tweeting or maintaining his MLBlog for him, but given that both media are updated pretty often and that many of his tweets are about food, I’m willing to give Tommy himself full credit.

I’d like, also, to give Tommy full credit for living with great vigor, eating until his arms are tired and tucking in his jersey to his uniform pants like it’s a good idea. He denies the grip of death so audaciously that he is able to assume that a man fifteen years younger than him is dead:

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Helping Murray Chass’s Headline

You may or may not be familiar with former New York Times sportswriter Murray Chass, and his blog. (That link to Wikipedia gives a decent summary: in short, Chass not a huge fan of statistics, bloggers, and Mike Piazza.) I leave it to others to cast broader judgment. I write this post only to express a little bit of confusion regarding his latest blog entry, featuring the headline:


(Referring to Bobby Valentine, and his possible hiring by the Red Sox.)

Are there really no words starting with the letter V that mean loser, or something close?

Because that seems like an awfully weak headline if there’s any chance at all to find a word that starts with a V — or even has a V somewhere in it.

Faced with no better ideas for a post today, I decided to look for some possible alternatives. You may be able to do better in the comments.

My contenders:

With this would-be manager,
which he is, often to the detriment of his players

With this would-be manager,
like wearing a disguise in the dugout

With this would-be manager,
he inspires in me

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At Bat ’11: iPad App Review

Four views. No view.

Staying with a friend who doesn’t have cable but does have an iPad, so it was time to see what post-season baseball on the ‘Pad would look like. It’s also been a long couple of weeks on the road, and my thoughts no longer come fully formed. Here, then, are my notes, which taken in sum can provide a review of MLB At Bat ’11, the iPad app from — or at least hopefully they will.

* Man this resolution is terrible. And I can’t figure out how to improve it. Is this my problem? Am I already this old? Am I fat-fingering ‘e-mail thingermerbobbers’ after my dial-up finishes screeching? I can’t be. Can I put this in the review?

* Chase Utley is so dreamy. How can he be so ruggedly handsome and yet finely coiffed at the same time? Is it the pomade? Is it the soul patch? And then his game is so saber-friendly. If only he weren’t a Phillie.

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