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Charlie Blackmon in a Tiger Shirt and Your Memories

When I look at a child, I see the future. When I look at my wife, I see the woman with whom I’ll be spending the rest of my life. And, increasingly, whenever I look at Charlie Blackmon, I see everyone I was friends with in college.

The image to the left — of Charlie Blackmon wearing a vest and wearing a tiger shirt and eating what appears to be some kind of delicious burrito — has provoked merely the latest in a series of small epiphanies regarding how the Rockies outfielder is actually probably just one of my roommates from college with whom I’ve lost touch.

To the photo, he appends this confident-sounding tweet:

what’s better than a tiger? A Siberian tiger. What’s better than a Siberian tiger? Four of them on my awesome shirt!

And what I believe is a student film made by Blackmon and this other guy with whom we roomed.

Truffle Shuffle in honor of reader Paul, who brought the above tweet to the author’s attention.