Check Your Head, Not Adrian Beltre’s

It’s been a good week for Adrian Beltre, what with the reigning AL champs sending all that guaranteed cheddar his way.

There’s also a lot to like about Beltre. He’s an acrobat at the hot corner, that “home run swing from one knee” thing (pictured above, gloriously) is objectively awesome, and one must admire the flinty resolve of a man who rose again from the unspeakable horrors of a torn testicle (shudder).

Also adding to Beltre’s appeal is what appears to be a bizarre and preternatural loathing of having his head touched. Dig it. Dug it? So Beltre’s part Brooks Robinson, part Howard Hughes.

Conventional wisdom says Beltre chose not to exercise his player option with the Red Sox because of the allure of the market and the promise of millions. Video evidence, however, suggests it was because Victor Martinez wouldn’t leave his precious dome the hell alone.

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  1. Bobby A. says:

    The “Dig It” link is outstanding. The most incredible thing is seeing J.D. Drew smile in the penultimate gif.

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  2. Marco Scutaro looks way more like Wes Welker than I’d remembered — which is weird because, apparently, JP Ricciardi once described Scutaro as the Wes Welker of baseball.

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  3. discogerbil says:

    Anyone else notice that most of Beltre’s head touching was done by Victor Martinez?

    Perhaps V-Mart was just rubbing him the wrong way?

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  4. Random Guy says:

    This is oddly fascinating.

    On the second page, are gif #2 and gif #3 the same incident from two different angles?

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  5. Dayn Perry says:

    I think my favorite is the one in which Pedroia does it, and Beltre gives him the look of a man poised to kill. Also, I am officially a V-Mart fan because of this.

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  6. danny woytek says:

    The two-handed full head pull one by V-Mart on page three is clearly the best.

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  7. Telo says:

    What a fucking great collection of GIFs. I wonder if Beltre does it to get a laugh, or if he’s actually crazy.

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  8. IHateJoeBuck says:

    Now I understand why the Tigers had no shot at signing Beltre.

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  9. theonemephisto says:

    The best part is how everyone on the team joins in. Being a Red Sox fan, it was great to see how this quirk united the team and made them hilarious at times.

    The best incident (not sure if it’s up there), was once after a home run, while celebrating, Scutaro grabbed Beltre’s batting helmet off his head and VMart rubbed it.

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