Chinese Postgame Quotes, 5/3 Edition

I’ve been suffering under a delusion. I had thought of the postgame interview as an exercise in pointless, redundant cliche-mongering. What I had not realized is that these quotes are not meant to be read in English. Return them to their native language, the tongue of Confucius, and their hidden wisdom unfurls like a flower.

Rocky Mountains 8, Dodgers 5
“This is a dream at the scene – and behind you the goods. It makes a tough decision. You walk my woods. The goods are loaded base? He has been so hot, I think I will take things to play.” – Jason Giambi
“He did what he should do. He gave me a hint to your hat.” – Scott Elbert
Notes: Give up a single Betancourt ancient Adam Kennedy started the Bureau, and then removed in the next two batters. Rather than challenge the big fight against Matt Kemp, Betancourt intentionally walked the face of Gordon Dee.

Indigo Birds 11, Wanderers 5
“The first two, I thought Harry throw the ball.” – Ron Washington
“Edwin just continue to fulfill our. We need to answer back, he replied back to the big.” – Kelly Johnson
Notes: Tuesday’s game in his right eye and vision problems, who left Naples to visit before the race doctor, was diagnosed with eye migraine or eye spasms.

Royals 3, Tigers 2
“Peralta plays the middle, so I think shooting in the cave.” – Chris Getz
“Our children combat Wieland impressive.” – Ned Yost
Notes: Chris Getz of arable land in the ninth inning of a single enterprising, held at the Kansas City Royals beat Detroit 3-2 seventh victory this year.

Astronauts 8, Metropolitans 1
“This is a special day. It may be in the major leagues the best day I will never forget.” – Chris Johnson
“This is a bit frustrating, but there is no panic. My job is my practice and I a couple.” – Chris Johnson
Notes: Schwinden allowed six hits in four innings, five runs, in his second start of the season. He also voted in four innings, at the beginning of this season, in that he had received a 18-9 loss is not decided in the state of Colorado.

Priests 5, Saccharomyces 0
“I have a lot of emotion into the game. I have a lot of good nerves. My job is to take those emotions, nerves, and organizations of their kind to make my butterflies fly in formation and investment game.” – Jeff Suppan
“This is not good? Is not wonderful? When a person has always wanted to play and compete and get a chance to return to the big leagues to win the Major League game, which was great. This is a great story.” – Bud Black
Notes: The wine is mounted on the base of the two bureaus, but Suppan escaped each time.

Orioles 5, Yankees 0
“I did my pitch is not too far from the mound. Quality golf course, get the ball right back to work. When things are going well, the speed of your outing an active role.” – Jake Arrieta
“When [Chavez] dove, when he came to the scene, he said feeling a little dizzy, but he said he felt nothing … Then, when he passed his bat, he got dizzy.” – Joe Girardi
Notes: Markakis hit a long drive in the seventh Rights Center. Nova know it immediately disappeared, and suspicion of his right thigh in anger almost immediately left the bat.

Nation 5, Rattlesnakes 4
“He was born in these circumstances, Harper.” – Davey Johnson
“I was thinking, if someone saw. Under my gloves, I caught up with me in the back of it with bare hands.” – Bryce Harper
“Frank Robinson, who told me that you have to watch the pitcher, you have to watch the pitcher, you have to see the pitcher.” – Ian Desmond
Notes: Desmond see that corruption is to enhance his fastball and splitter, and a lock on the court. After the victory of the national struggle of the tensile plate to draw enough attention.

Athletic Club 4, Red Socks 2
“For us to win the elasticity of the club two or three programs.” – Bob Melvin
“I was like, ‘man, I think I have a real success.’ In the bat the next point.” – Will Middlebrooks
“This game is all I have I have two great opportunities and I do not come through. It is these things, I want to make a clear point, do not let this happen again.” – Adrian Gonzalez
Notes: In the eighth inning of the disease, cocoa cakes leave the game.

Warriors 15, Phillies 13
“When I was there, I would like to cause a sensation. I did it tonight.” – Chipper Jones
“This is just a strange game, all the way around. Something you have never seen the case.” – Brian McCann
“Honestly, I feel good. There is something I have not implemented, this is no other.” – Roy Halladay
Notes: For a crazy game, McCain’s eyes poke a wrong team-mate Michael Byrne, high, five years after Homer.
Ruiz has three hits, including seventy-three home runs and three-run double in the eighth.

Cubs 3, Red Army 1
“We are trying to keep the check, but it is difficult, because you do not know what caused it.” – Bronson Arroyo
“[Samardzija] usually does not command or control. He was throwing 95-98 and he is still in 95-96 when he left tonight is we that is he.” – Dusty Baker
Notes: Samardzija spent his first four seasons with Winnie the cowshed.

Rays 5, Sailors 4
“He picked up a real major league save five out. This is spectacular. Joel Peralta good or good happened tonight all, this is all about him and he allowed us to win the game.” – Joe Maddon
“To be honest, I really do not know what happened. I know I’m a ball, this is … this is just these happened so fast, I hit the wall, without the ball.” – Michael Saunders
Notes: Ichiro Suzuki went and Jesus Montero to a farmland single base, Sigma’s three-run, first, the Council of Homer snapped a runner score sailors, lost the first 2 of these four games game position 0 – -30 drought series outhitting light for two nights.

Indians 6, White Socks 3
“I did not feel great. I do not have great things and I do not blame lack of sleep or something like that, it has a new baby is a blessing.” – Philip Humber
“Once you come to such a game, you know (cowshed) to turn off the lights no matter what. If we are in the seventh or eighth inning, the lead or tie ball game ball to them, we are very understanding of our opportunities for good.” – Josh Tomlin
Notes: Telephone work, walk in his first five innings five and create yet another early paper jam.

Bishops 12, Pirates 3
“I stunk to high heaven. What I can say that night, I can not get anything, it does not matter, your opposition if you make your pitch you want to get finalized.” – A.J. Burnett
“Recently, God knows, I have been looking for the plate, trying to find my swing, trying to keep their minds at ease, trying to go out, and quality in the bat. This game can be this way, this is an interesting game, you must maintain a positive attitude.” – Carlos Beltran
Notes: Beltran had RBI second single, the third, it is 12-1, Beltran’s team-leading seventh Homer left center drive the other three home runs in the pre-launch replay overturned the initial referee decisions and fireworks and with in – the signing of the shape of the truck grille, the winked headlights Beltran even if initially at second base on the brakes.

Angels 9, Twins 0
“Spider-Man in there, I know he had a on the beads. Casilla fees and Spider-Man to track down.” – Jered Weaver
“I was locked in the majority. My father, mother, wife, this is awesome.” – Jered Weaver
Notes: Weaver and his teammates can only hope that Trevor Plouffe lined up a shot, and fell in love with a few feet before reaching the left field foul pole foul. After this, Weaver order rapid completion of the twins.

Marlins 3, Giants 2
“I have a lot of attention. You just hope for the best.” – Bruce Bochy
“I think I am a new Carlos Zambrano. Old Carlos Zambrano will throw his chair and his teammates scream.” – Carlos Zambrano
Notes: Giants starter Barry Stuart tied a career-high seven various sectors, which lasted only 3 2-3 innings.

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