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Chinese Postgame Quotes: 5/30 Edition

Back by popular demand.

Warriors 10, Bishops 7
“I do not delighted with the fruits of my personal.” – Tim Hudson
“We did not do what we need to do, give us a chance to make some adjustments.” – Mike Matheny
“I can see it all matters.” – Freddie Freeman
Notes: Warriors increase in the eighth off Jason jungle, the Council set up two points and Eric Hinske and Bern from all walks of life.

Royals 6, Indians 3
“This week continues to be rough. Pitching set the tone, we do not set the correct day, we all need to go home and rest at a perfect time to come back to play better baseball last Friday.” – Manny Acta
“Cleveland and Baltimore are above their differences, we began to play a little better this road trip is a positive.” – Alex Gordon
“This just shows that our attack, now. They continue to be, and even unmanned two out. This is a good sign.” – Ned Yost
Notes: Johnny Damon singled in the sixth, and his 2736 career life, moving him past Goose Goslin into the 54 on the list of occupations.

Twins 4, Athletic Club 0
“The loss of stripes can take their own lives, they will not just end because they are coming to an end, we must be in its ownership.” – Bob Melvin
“Him an electric fastball, and obviously you are right, the slider to know when he is something, when he threw to strike, he is a real trump card.” – Drew Butera
“We need to rotate, he believed that this story was told how good his stuff too many times and he is to go to the field, and complete it, and today is a good start we will be working from there.” – Ron Gardenhire
Notes: The twinning was completed in May 12-16, 2009, but this is better than 6-16 April.

White Socks 4, Rays 3
“General guy, the intention, he gave a warning, and go from there, but it just shocked me.” – Robin Ventura
“I just want to get a fast ball, and tug it a little bit.” – Alex Cobb
“I do not have any claim to have.” – Joe Maddon
Notes: Cobb worked out a bases loaded, no out in the second jam. Alejandro De Aza hit a ground ball and David Beckham removed, Adam Dunn hit fly center warning track in Beijing Upton capture.

Indigo Birds 4, Orioles 1
“When you do not find your fastball, you have to give up some home runs there. However, they break things fluctuations, this is my amazing and I do not think you can take, like, do not know their future volatility, I do not know this is all I can say.” – Jason Hammel
“We need this game, this is a great victory, swept them back in the game. Now, we have only two games. This is our one big family.” – Brandon Morrow
“There is no such thing, let me.” – Adam Jones
Notes: After the match, Toronto optional Longtan Hydropower Station, Triple-A Las Vegas.

Red Socks 6, Tigers 4
“Let him, let him stay in Youkilis (Kevin) into the third (first), I do not know.” – Bobby Valentine
“We jokingly said, ‘Who game to play Little League, and the sixth inning to pull?'” – Adrian Gonzalez
“We know that what goes around, he has a second. He shows us his second, we know what to expect.” – Will Middlebrooks
Notes: Danny value of the magnetic field lines farmland hit of Cabrera ring down the right rebound Gonzalez’s glove as he tried to near the short wall slide capture, one of the bundled games.

Cubs 8, Priests 6
“This is the first time to go run away from home, at any level, I do not see it going out. I just run, it is difficult to run. This is crazy, it has gone through it just happened so fast.” – Darwin Barney
“I should have just drilled his stuff.” – Ryan Dempster
“I want to, I can I can this is my job, all the time.” – Tony Campana
Notes: Dempster began in 2091, lasted only 41/3 innings, and maintain numerous.

Pirates 2, Red Army 1
“When I went to people like Burnett, like him the quality of the pitcher head (I like). He throws zero, I would like to throw the zero, I want to see who won.” – Johnny Cueto
“I am very long time. I do not have all-star players, I do not have a Webby, but I’m through fighting I know that winning is what I know to lose what it was like … I’ll do anything I can to help, and this is Why am I here.” – A.J. Burnett
“Yeah, we planted at the beginning of silk reeling, and then he settled down, we played some of his other hard-sphere, but is unable to convene to the back end – or really any click.” – Dusty Baker
Notes: Cincinnati manager dust Baker and first baseman Joey Votto agree that the urgently needed to combat piracy breakthrough last Wednesday of Takeo to a week ago.

Sailors 21, Wanderers 8
“We just can not let anyone in these two Bureau.” – Ron Washington
“However, this is how it goes when you go to the players and you throw most of the fast ball, you’ve got a lead.” – Blake Beavan
“Obviously, last couple of these guys really put it gathered here in the night.” – Eric Wedge
Notes: Rangers manager Ron Washington to shortstop Elvis Andrus disappeared into the night. Andrews acknowledged that the time off is a kind of spiritual rest, he made a mistake (Tuesday).