Chris Davis Scouting Report

Baltimore’s Chris Davis made his major-league pitching debut against Boston on Sunday, earning the win with two innings of scoreless work while striking out two, walking one, and allowing two hits (box).

For the benefit of both (a) our readers and (b) baseball’s various advance scouting departments, we present this entirely complete and infallible scouting report on Chris Davis, right-handed pitcher.

Role: Late, Late Inning Reliever
When you talk about Chris Davis, you’re not talking about a starting pitcher or middle reliever or set-up guy or closer; you’re talking about a guy who’s gonna get the job done in, like, the 16th and 17th inning. He has a career average leverage index of 2.35 — considerably better than second-place Brian Wilson‘s career 2.07 mark. Words like “gamer” and “clutch” are insufficient: you need to translate them into German and then back into English to fully characterize Davis’s mound temperament.

Stuff: Unclassifiable
What does Davis throw, exactly? Don’t ask PITCHf/x:

Match-Ups: Former Texas Rangers Prospects
As he exhibited Sunday, dismissing both Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Adrian Gonzalez, Davis is particularly effective at striking out former Texas Rangers prospects. So, like, if Hank Blalock ever comes back, he probably won’t do shit against Chris Davis.


Video Footage
Here’s Davis striking out Saltalamacchia

And doing the same to Gonzalez:

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33 Responses to “Chris Davis Scouting Report”

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  1. Ross says:

    the pitch that struck out Adrian Gonzalez definitely looks like some sort of spilt finger

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    • robertobeers says:

      He is gripping the ball like a four seam fastball but his arm slot gives him that good sinking action.

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    • Randomdigits says:

      According to Davis it was a split finger to Salty and the pitch to AGon was just a fastball he took some off of.

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  2. clint says:

    Taylor teagarden is glad he is with the orioles so he doesn’t have to face him

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  3. Keegs says:

    is Chris Davis some kind of like strikeout wizard, where strikeouts always happen when he’s around, regardless of which role he’s playing?

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    • CJ says:

      Strikeouts are always lurking behind the veil. There are people who can wear thin the boundary between worlds, and tap into the limitless power of the K (both forward and backward).

      To think you guys thought Adam Dunn had a career worst year.

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    • CJ says:

      Chris Davis v. the Minnesota Twins: unstoppable force meets immovable object.

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  4. No pitch FX?

    What am I going to base ALL my thoughts and for that matter my entire baseball existence on?

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    • Kris says:

      Without pfx data to act as a crutch, I’m imagining a world where online baseball journalists use innovative and utterly ground breaking literary devices such as sarcasm and hyperbole to fill the void.

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  5. sheets says:

    Davis said it was a splitter in his postgame comments. It was about 7 mph slower than what you’d call his fastball, which was actually respectable on the gun readings they showed on TV (fastball high 80’s). The comp was McDonald, his counterpart, who was only in the low 80’s on his fastball.

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    • Donut3 says:

      I was following on GameDay and it listed McDonald’s stuff as all 82-83 cutters and change-ups. It’s that lack of difference that ultimately doomed him. Well that and not having Davis’s sick splitter.

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  6. AustinRHL says:

    Love it!

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  7. longbeachyo says:

    Drop Liriano for Davis???

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  8. My Guess is something Akin to the plot of Face Off happened, where Chris Davis traded places with someone incognito like Ben Sheets.

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  9. aj grands says:

    Chris Davis does well against former Rangers prospects. If Chris Davis were to face Chris Davis, he’d own him

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  10. Daniel says:

    GO EAST RANGERS!!! Hunter, Davis, O’day, Chavez, strop, teagarden.

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  11. Smorgasbord says:

    When I first read this, I thought it said “Chili Davis scouting report.” Can I get a Chili Davis scouting report? Or at least Chili Davis surrounded by chili?

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  12. Ch. Ranier says:

    Koji Uehara could not be reached for comment. ;)

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  13. Jack says:

    According to the Google Translate overlords, Clutch translated to German and back is Clamp. Gamer doesn’t translate, but “the one who games” comes back as “the one that matches”
    Therefore, Chris Davis is “Clamp Matches.”

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    • Dealer A says:

      I used babelfish translator and “clutch” translates back to “Chris Davis”

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  14. It takes special moxie to pitch the 16th & 17th inning. Nick Markakis, for example, only has the stomach for the 15th inning.

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  15. Randomdigits says:

    Keep in mind this is a guy that had a Labrum injury last season. They won’t let him play third but they will let him pitch.

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  16. Loose Changeup says:

    Pitch F/X only works for 6 hours, then you have to put more quarters into the machine

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  17. amy desalvo says:

    Davis hit 91 in the 16th but faded fast in the 17th.

    The strikeout to A-Gon game with 2 guys on and none out, on 3 pitches. It was like that scene in “rookie of the year” where the 13 year old kid strikes out the slugger with an underhand softball pitch.

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