Classic F___ing Brawls: The Soup-Bones of Dave Stewart

Major-league purveyor of street justice Dave Stewart knows that it’s not nice to wallop one’s elder with the implement of destruction known as Dave Stewart’s igneous right hand, but when said elder makes with the kicky-pants the time for thunderclap soup-bones is at hand. Recoil and then spit out your teeth …

Soup. Bones.

Pat Corrales, thou art cautionary tale made man.

File under: Classic F***ing Brawls.

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6 Responses to “Classic F___ing Brawls: The Soup-Bones of Dave Stewart”

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  1. Dave says:

    That was ill-advised…

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  2. Urban Shocker says:

    Is that a satin jacket?

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  3. Danny Knobgobbler says:

    You found it! Atta boy, Perry!

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  4. Mr. Observant, Pugilism Enthusiast says:

    Never, NEVER, has a brawler par excellence like Mr. Stewart been blessed with a meat-hook of power like that as well as a castrato’s voice…except for Iron Mike Tyson. Stewart’s mild, flutey voice always unnerved me. And still does. But man, he can really lay out a cracker’s ass. Smooth, m’man, smooth.

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