Classic F__king Brawls: A Leisured McGraw-Era Beating

The reader might absorb what follows and then cavil, “Sir, that wasn’t a brawl at all!” But the foul-smelling reader would be wrong about that. Bear assaulted witness:

Take That, Mountebank

As you may have surmised, these are two New York Giants — John McGraw MenTM — in the process of a skylarking annihilation of what’s surely a high-ranking member of a besoiled foreign horde. For a time — during the biting, for instance — this could be dismissed as merest tenement roughhousing. Then, however, the gentleman most astride his victim begins to reduce the easy mark’s skull and belfry to a pulpy gruel. At that point, an onlooker — an onlooker almost certainly named “Pinky Cooney” — is roused to intercede.

All of that is why all of this should absolutely be filed under “Classic F___king Brawls.”

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5 Responses to “Classic F__king Brawls: A Leisured McGraw-Era Beating”

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  1. Nick says:


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  2. Resolution says:

    I thought this was footage of you being ravished by Cistulli with Cistulli wearing his Ravishing regalia and joined by an unknown accomplice. I believe this would be the pre-ravish, tenderize phase…

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  3. Maverick Squad says:

    I misread the title- I was expecting a ‘F–king’ brawl.

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  4. Matt Bush's Cellmate says:

    Noogie’s have gone so soft in our time. So awry have we gone that I never realized anything short of another man’s hairs embedded in your melted knuckle flesh does not a noogie make.

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  5. Mario Mendoza says:

    Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?

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