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Clayton Kershaw Utilizes Crane Kick to Good Effect

Readers of a certain age will remember the righteous indignation they felt when so-called “sensei” John Kreese of the Cobra Kai dojo ordered star pupil Johnny Lawrence to “sweep the leg” of already injured protagonist Daniel LaRusso in the denoument of 1984’s Karate Kid. Those same readers will remember the overwhelming sense of justice they experienced just moments later when LaRusso performed the crane-kick maneuver captured in GIF-form above to win first place in the All Valley Karate Tournament.

Common sense suggests that readers will likely feel neither of those emotions upon watching the following GIF, of Dodger lefty Clayton Kershaw reacting to what would ultimately become a harmless fly-out to left during the seventh inning of his Thursday start in Oakland. Mild amusement, however, will fucking abound.