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Co-Opted Political Slogans: These Colors Don’t Run

If you’re at all like me, reader, you find yourself feeling underrepresented in many of the heated political debates this country is always seeming to have.

Health care? Bah! Immigration? Double-bah! The economy? Excuse me while I fall asleep!

It’s almost like baseball nerds don’t even have a voice anymore!

Well, thanks to a combination of Free Timeā„¢ and Paint.NET, now we do — as NotGraphs presents Co-Opted Political Slogans.

For our first (and, very likely, last) Co-Opted Political Slogan, we present “These Colors Don’t Run.” Featuring FanGraphs’ trademark beige and green, “These Colors Don’t Run” is a great way to have your voice heard without even opening your mouth!

Perfect for anything from large, rhetoric-filled rallies to totally chill backyard BBQs, “These Colors Don’t Run” lets everyone know that you’ve studied linear weights pretty effing closely, thank you, and you know the break-even point for stolen bases when you see it.

Made from 100% Great Idea, “These Colors Don’t Run” will never shrink, fade, or moan in a really inappropriate way.

So buy “These Colors Don’t Run” now — and let everyone know all your political beliefs instantly!