Coming Soon to MLB Network…

From ESPN:

When Manny Banuelos showed up in the Tampa clubhouse, he looked a little lost. The Yankee locker room is sort of set up like a high school lunch room with the cool kids in certain corners and the others relegated to the middle island of lockers. So the 5-foot-9, 20-year-old Banuelos wandered around, peering up, trying to find his new stall.

Coming soon to MLB Network… a sitcom about what happens when a 5-foot-9, 20-year-old minor league pitcher, hoping for stardom, tries to become one of the cool kids.

And it’s animated.


Starring Wilmer Valderrama as Manny Banuelos

With Cedric The Entertainer as C.C. Sabathia, Ed Harris as Joe Girardi, Nick Swisher as Nick Swisher, and Anna Faris as the new second baseman who’s about to steal Manny’s heart.

And Max von Sydow as Bud Selig.

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  1. B says:

    Mario Lopez as A-Rod?

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  2. Rey22 says:

    ….I’d watch this

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  3. The Ted, Section 437 says:

    Max von Sydow is perfectly cast as Bud. Now in my head I’ll transpose the two and the commissioner will become evil Brewmeister Smith, bent on controlling the world through a beer-filled industry.

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