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Commemorative GIFs from R.A. Dickey’s Final Start

All surfers of the internet receive three free GIFs from R.A. Dickey‘s final start of the season tonight in Miami (box).

Below are the three knuckleballs Dickey threw tonight that both (a) moved the most (calculated Pythagoreanly, that is) and that (b) were also strikes.

3. Turner, Fifth Inning

This knuckleball to opposing pitcher Jacob Turner features 4.1 inches of gloveside run and 11.1 inches of “rise” (vertical movement that is, relative to a ball unaffected by air current or drag):


2. Lee, Fourth Inning

This one, to Carlos Lee, has 6.1 inches of gloveside run and 10.3 inches of rise:

1. Stanton, Fourth Inning

This one, to Giancarlo Stanton, has 5.9 inches of gloveside movement and 10.8 inches of rise: