CONTEST: Greg Maddux Hall of Fame Cap Ideas

Greg Maddux will be entering the Hall of Fame without a logo on his cap, opting not to choose between the Cubs and Braves.

Anyone want to play with Photoshop and offer up some alternatives if Maddux is looking for another option? Send me your work and I’ll post ’em next week and let people vote for the winner.


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11 Responses to “CONTEST: Greg Maddux Hall of Fame Cap Ideas”

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  1. Harper Hill says:

    Because the poor Yankees haven’t had a HOF’er in a while:

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  2. Professor says:

    In honor of one of his nicknames, “The Professor”, I made this:

    Also, here is an embiggened picture of the cap graphic since it’s so small.

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  3. Kaz Tadano says:

    How about a picture of a guy’s dick?

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  4. Professor Maddux says:

    Why was my comment erased? I spent the time to create a photoshopped Maddux with a Professor Maddux cap and listed the links. What in that deserves to be deleted?

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  5. nate johnson's freshman season says: AAAAAHHHHHHHHH

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