Corey Kluber’s Best Pitch from Saturday in Terms of Splendor

The present author is an expert on almost zero topics. The production of embarrassing odors, perhaps. The concealment of those same embarrassing odors, probably also.

Two other disciplines, however, in which the author possesses something not very different than expertise — and both of which are decidedly relevant to the present weblog post — are Cleveland right-hander Corey Kluber and also capital-S Splendor.

Much like a Spice Girls song in which two become one, Corey Kluber and Splendor became one in the second inning of Kluber’s start last (Saturday) night — in particular on a 1-2 count to Mets first baseman Lucas Duda, on which count Kluber threw a two-seam fastball that started somewhere in the vicinity of Duda’s front hip and then migrated across the strike zone, like how the author’s Italian ancestors migrated across the Atlantic Ocean, if the Atlantic Ocean were a strike zone.

Like here, for example, in regular motion:

Kluber Duda Fast

And here, secondly, in slow-motion and with an animated tail:

Kluber Duda Slow

And here, finally, in a tighter slow-motion shot:

Kluber Duda Close Slow

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8 Responses to “Corey Kluber’s Best Pitch from Saturday in Terms of Splendor”

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  1. Argh says:

    Revolution it be!

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  2. Jerry says:

    Duda just grabbed his nuts in disbelief.

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  3. GoodasGoldy says:

    If you can find the video check out the same cutter he threw to Duda one or two pitches before that. It nailed the inside corner but the ump gave up on it long before it slid over the plate and called it a ball.

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  4. Bip says:

    I never noticed how severely Duda crowds the plate. I imagine that’s the ideal kind of pitch to throw to a guy like that, being as is hip is only inches from the plate already.

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