Critical Reading Skills

Actual initial thought upon seeing the headline below:
“Wow, I wonder what Ryan Zimmerman’s wife did.”

Sad commentary on how much attention I pay to non-baseball news. I also hear Brandon Allen won a primary in Virginia?

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Jeremy Blachman is the author of Anonymous Lawyer, a satirical novel that should make people who didn't go to law school feel good about their life choices. Read more at McSweeney's or elsewhere. He likes e-mail.

5 Responses to “Critical Reading Skills”

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  1. Big Jgke says:

    Dammit I had the same thought. It feels good to share.

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  2. camisadelgolf says:

    If it wasn’t Ryan Zimmerman’s wife, then whose was it? I just know it wasn’t Jordan Zimmermann’s. Former All-Star Jeff Zimmerman’s?

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  3. MDL says:

    Come on guys, this is obviously about George Zimmerman.

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  4. ColeHamels1510 says:

    I got a 770 on the verbal section, which is now called critical reading.

    But I am bad at math, only a 740.

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  5. Nu?! Billy Baroo says:

    It’s Robert Zimmerman aka Bob Dylan.

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