Cruz Missile, Exemplar of Genre

You may recall that in this beloved space we have previously regaled you with tales of the Cruz Missile. And on this day I am pleased to inform you that the Cruz Missile is back, and this time his glory is both boundless and without bound. How boundless? So boundless that it’s too large for me to embed. In what other ways does WordPress hate freedom? I intend to find out and then file a breathless dispatch on the matter. Nonetheless, please do click the above link — wait, here it is again! — and luxuriate in its wonders.

And since every post needs some kind of visual hook, my hope is that this will meet the needs of the Internetting Gentleman:

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The Jimi Marley tattoo is way better than the Cruz Missile GIF.


Regarding the incorrect name, I think the greater injustice here is that Jimi’s right nasal hole is grossly out of proportion. See comparison photo: