Current View from Home Plate of Former Brooklyn Ballpark

Eastern Park

Eastern Park, about which anyone can read on the internet, was located on the corner of what’s now Pitkin Avenue and Van Sinderen in Brooklyn and home to that borough’s storied Dodgers club between 1891 and 1897. Shortly afterwards, it was sold by then-owner Charlie Byrne. Presently, as the image embedded here reveals, its former home-plate area is occupied predominantly by wooden pallets.

The deleterious momentum of time, is what one feels when considering these considerations — and what one feels even more strongly when one considers the following image, as well, of Eastern Park festooned with goddamn bunting in 1894.

Eastern Park 2

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4 Responses to “Current View from Home Plate of Former Brooklyn Ballpark”

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  1. kevinthecomic says:

    The overuse of bunting has now plagued baseball in three separate centuries!!

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  2. tz says:

    A Tree Grows In Brooklyn!!

    (suggested name: Santiago Casilla)

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  3. J Church says:

    That embedded image is actually the corner of Pitkin & Powell… rather than Van Sinderen!

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  4. jfree says:

    “The deleterious momentum of time” produces far too meaningful a sentence. I believe the proper phrase in this context is “The delirious momentarium of Tiny Tim”.

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