Darnell McDonald Makes 7 of 10 Red Sox Fans Very Happy

Last night, Red Sox OF Darnell McDonald made a great catch on a fly ball hit by Blue Jays 2B Kelly Johnson.

It was so good, that it made seven of ten Red Sox fans very happy — if this photo is to be extrapolated from, that is:

Or, there, now it’s ten of ten:

I’ve never seen such a happy fan base. Good job, Darnell.

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8 Responses to “Darnell McDonald Makes 7 of 10 Red Sox Fans Very Happy”

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  1. Big Jgke says:

    10 of 10 is terrifying.

    Although congrats are in order for making a bunch of Boston fans even more scary than usual.

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  2. GUY says:

    I would watch a sitcom starring the mustachioed gentleman in front on the right.
    It would just be him yelling during Sox games and then going to the bar afterwards and telling the bartender what the Sox can do better.
    Dustin Pedroia makes a guest appearance.

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  3. novaether says:


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    • Chris says:

      This is Notgraphs, leave the counting to those egg head nerds and their math over at Fangraphs.

      P.S. Thanks to all the egg head nerds at Fangraphs for helping me win in my fantasy league year after year with all that fancy pants math and junk.

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  4. CurtisStarkeyFan4Life says:

    shouldn’t this be on fangraphs?

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  5. dragonflyball says:

    I do love me some Darnell McDonald.

    …granted, a good chunk of that is STILL due to his Red Sox debut in, like, 2010. But it was pretty epic.

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    • Trevor says:

      I’ll say one thing about Darnell – he consistently has the best taste in at bat music of anyone on the team.

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  6. Anon says:

    I don’t think Darnell McDonald makes any Boston fan happy, considering he’s black.

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