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A lyrical arrangement of (slightly paraphrased) tweets by Brandon Phillips.

Those teeth,
Them hands,
That sound of women’s heels.
I’m not really a breast man, but
First time for everything.
Darkness is spreading.
Dark as hell.
Deep as hell.
Good luck and
Guess well.

Just can’t get right, boss.
She’s telling me I change;
I say nothing changes
But my change.

Nights like this,
I wish that raindrops will fall.

Sleep or do something strange
For a little piece of change.

It can be good or bad
Just as long as it’s something.

Just need to get timing right,
But the objective stays the same.
Play good to complete the happy ending.

A beautiful day in the slum.
It’s ugly outside, though.
Morning for me, but
Good afternoon.