Dave Cameron Blink Watch

As someone who hangs on NotGraphs’ every word and doesn’t read any other websites and won’t ever leave me otherwise you-know-what will happen, you’ll remember the footage embedded here of managing editor Dave Cameron’s inaugural appearance on last Monday’s edition of MLB Network’s Clubhouse Confidential.

While interested parties have noted many flaws with Cameron’s appearance (like, for example, the whole face part of his body), a great deal of attention has been focused on the frequency with which Cameron blinks — which is to say, “almost never.”

The present author counts two of them (i.e. blinks) — one at the 0:37 mark, and another at 2:30 — plus a nose scratch at 0:23 that maybe is or is not accompanied by a third blink.

In any case, this important information is relevant to your life insofar as Dave Cameron is making another appearance on Clubhouse Confidential tonight — one that we can scrutinize in ways that ultimately contribute to Cameron’s burgeoning body dysmorphia.

The show airs at 5:30pm ET, again at 7:30pm ET, and then a third time in a fever dream you’re gonna have tonight.

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15 Responses to “Dave Cameron Blink Watch”

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  1. Baron Samedi says:

    The internet come to life!

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  2. adohaj says:

    I bet he blinks constantly tonight because he is so self conscious

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  3. MAD-ness says:

    This is exactly the kind of harassment that any good group of friends should dish out when one of their own is lucky enough or successful enough to wind up on TV.

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  4. Colin says:

    “While interested parties have noted many flaws with Cameron’s appearance (like, for example, the whole face part of his body)”

    Amazing. Also, I don’t think I could hold back blink as little as Dave Cameron even if I tried.

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  5. Hopefully the programming’s been fixed, and the blinking error is a thing of the past. Otherwise, I’m afraid it’s only a matter of time before people figure out DC’s a baseball nerd robot.

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  6. Guy says:

    I can’t watch this without initiating a staring contest with Dave Cameron.

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  7. Kyle says:

    Don’t give in, Dave. I want ZERO blinks tonight.

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  8. Thelonious says:

    Maybe now that Dave Cameron is a big star, FanGraphs will pony up some money for him to buy a decent cell phone so I can understand him on the podcasts.

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  9. That was really unsettling. I feel like I need a shower, but I’m afraid Dave Cameron might murder me in it.

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  10. BoSoxFan says:

    he blinks at 0:37

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  11. dudley says:

    nervous swallow at 1:14.

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