Davey Johnson Pitches Idea for New Coen Bros. Film

Q. Describe the plot of a non-extant Coen Brothers film in fewer than 140 characters.

A. Ahem:

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5 Responses to “Davey Johnson Pitches Idea for New Coen Bros. Film”

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  1. Choo says:

    Naturally, John Turturro stars as “The LaRoche.”

    That leaves John Goodman to play Davey Johnson, Jon Polito as the inept peacekeeping player agent, Steve Buscemi as Bryce Harper, Holly Hunter as Jayson Werth, Frances McDormand as Mike Morse, and Royce D. Applegate in the role of “Prairie Wandering Cannibal ” Bill James.

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  2. samuelraphael says:

    Barnstorming and actually Barnstorming.

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  3. bowie says:

    I’m frightened of Davey Johnson’s humongous teeth

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