David Price Reverses Roles, Creeps on Fans

David Price is active on Twitter.

Today, one so-called “Italian” might be thinking that David Price is a little too active on twitter.

@LoTheGooner, the Innocent Creeped-Upon
(Photo Credit: David Price)

Mr. Price, this behavior is not becoming of a Cy Young Award winner, a professional athlete of your caliber, a man of your social standing and education, a specimen of your cut! ;)

How dare you violate the privacy of an everyday person! You, a professional athlete, whose privacy is surely never violated, pics of whose uniformed ass are surely never tweeted by common folk!

I think you should be stripped of your Cy Young Award, Mr. Price. In fact, I think you should be stripped and then photographed and then those photos should be tweeted to the whole world! Tit for tat! Next time let a Goon enjoy his Hollandaise-soaked crepes in peace, Mr. Price!

Rally the @LoTheGooners of the world! Take back Twitter from jerks like David Price! Huzzah and bully!

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