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David Price Saddens World Over James Shields Trade

These distant titans of sport, both colossal when the doctors measure their height and weight and colossal in the most adhesive sense of human hero worship, have only a select few like David Price. He strikes the keen observer as neither too distant or too comfortable. He seems like just some tall man you might have known in college or while working as a meat slicer in a deli sandwich shop.

When not engaged in typical Rays dugout hijinks, David engages in atypical Rays dugout hijinks. He is a 6-foot-6 Jim Halpert.

And so on Sunday evening when David had to say goodbye to his long-time friend, now-Royals pitcher James Shields, and the jester giant’s veneer cracked, you will forgive your humble author for blinking back a tear and smiling for that clown, the one who laughs when he means to cry.

First David denied it:

Then he mourned it, retweeting:

Then, like I hear the grieving mother will do when the most terrible of news arrives in a doctor’s helpless mouth, he denied it again: