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Dayn Perry to Eno Sarris: “I Will Field Goal Your Biscuits.”

RotoGraphs editor and co-proprietor of BeerGraphs Eno Sarris has organized an event for later today (Thursday, July 18) at Chicagoland bar Fizz — which event will feature baseball writers of some consequence and also Dayn Perry.

During a recording of FanGraphs Audio this morning, that same Dayn Perry inquired about the timing of the event, and, after being informed that it was scheduled to begin at 4pm CT, launched into a frothy-mouthed tirade about the early-ish hour — suggesting both that it (a) wasn’t becoming of civilized man and also (b) might force him to rearrange his schedule a little bit.

The full audio will be available tomorrow when the relevant episode of the podcast is released. Until that time, however, here is a notable excerpt from same, regarding what action Perry plans to take apropos Eno Sarris’s person:

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