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Dayton Moore Reacts to Dayton Moore’s Trade

Posted on Tampa Bay Rays blog DRaysBay, one will find the most curious analysis of the recent Rays-Royals super trade that send James Shields and Wade Davis to Kansas City for Wil Myers and every minor league pitcher in the Royals system.

The fair user dennet passes along this visual, extracted from Out of the Park Baseball 2013, in which A.I.-version Royals GM Dayton Moore reacts to the trade real-life-version Dayton Moore greenlit some 17 hours ago:

Click to embiggenize.

Granted, who is to say the Royals or the economy for baseball talent in that particular OOTP13 season at all match with the present scenarios that precipitated the real-life deal. Also, this trade was proposed pre-2012 season, before Shields and Davis both improved their stock, and Mike Montgomery hurt his. But then again, the fact the Royals are still apparently streets away from contention, one would imagine real-life Moore would be only increasingly distrustful of this offer.

But that wouldn’t be the real-life Moore, would it?