Dayton Moore’s “Process” Revealed

There have been many attempts in the past to understand the method behind Dayton Moore’s madness* – including undercover ninja raids of the Royals front office, and speculations that he was engaged in a duel to the death with Omar Minaya  – but to this day no one has yet succeeded. His so called “Process” remains as mysterious today as the first day he told fans to trust in it, making it the great unsolved mystery of our time. Amelia Earhart’s got nothing on Moore.

And yet….we’ve finally found it. Unearthed by the NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team, we’ve discovered the Holy Grail:

A Jump to Conclusions mat – of course! I can just imagine Moore now, standing in the middle of his office and asking aloud, “Should I trade Grienke or not?” He closes his eyes, says a quick prayer for good luck, and jumps into the unknown. “Got an offer? Take it.” As Moore moves to the phone to call the Brewers back, he inadvertently steps on the mat one more time. With the receiver in his hand, he looks down at his feet only to see the words, “Why Not Yuni?”

*Is it just me, or does it feel passé to make fun of Moore these days? It was all the rage last year, but the level of snark has lessened recently and I feel behind the times in writing this post. But if we can’t make fun of Moore, what General Manager can we make fun of? Now that Minaya is gone, is there anyone else out there near his level of craziness?

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  1. DrBGiantsfan says:

    Moore is gaining some respect as people start to realize what that farm system is going to produce over the next few years.

    What about Agent Ned, still working for the Giants?

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    • Yeah, I know he is…I’m just not willing to jump on board the Dayton Isn’t So Bad bandwagon yet. Toning down the snark is okay and he deserves some benefit of the doubt, but he also still deserves some grief.

      Colletti’s a good option…definitely an odd character. I don’t know if he has the same inane track record, though.

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      • Adam W says:

        Part of the issue with “Snakeskin Boots” Colletti was that they ran DePodesta out of town. It didn’t help the way Plaschke drooled over him, either.

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    • Telo says:

      What they HOPE it’s going to produce… as evidenced by the last couple historically good farm systems, it’s never a guarantee that legit big league TEAM success is a given when you have a dominant farm system.

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  2. gbtbr says:

    This is so silly. Can we stop with the Dayton Moore stuff already? You’re beating a dead horse.

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  3. ThomasTSKH says:

    If we stop making fun if Dayton Moore, the terrorists win.

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  4. John says:

    Give it a few years and it’ll be Amaro

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  5. Rollo says:

    This is just speculation, but isn’t it possible that some, if not all, of the goofy moves Moore has made were really driven by ownership? Moore’s predecessor Allard Baird made some goofy moves too – yet he has gone on to prove himself a sharp talent evaluator with the Red Sox. Just as Moore has proven his ability to build an outstanding farm system. Doesn’t it seem likely both GM’s, in some cases at least, were forced by ownership to make the dopey transactions?

    When Moore keeps repeating his “Trust the process” mantra, perhaps he’s really directing it at David Glass.

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  6. gu03alum says:

    Tony Reagins – see Vernon Wells

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    • mark says:

      Not only Vernon Wells, but Vernon Wells for more money per year than they were squabbling over with Crawford…

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  7. Brad Johnson says:

    There’s always Ed Wade and The Quest to Acquire Middle Relievers.

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  8. Zzzzzzzzzzz says:

    Andy MacFail isn’t exactly blowing my mind.

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  9. GVeers says:

    No mention of Brian Sabean, either. World Series ring or no, I wouldn’t want him helming my team.

    Tony Reagins has got to be the up-and-comer in this category. What a maniac.

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    • DrBGiantsfan says:

      Let’s see, in 13 years as GM of the Giants, Brian Sabean has won a WS, 2 NL Pennant, 4 NL West championships, 2 Wild Cards, lost a WC playoff, eliminated on the last day of the season twice. You may not want Brian Sabean as the GM of your team, but that’s OK, I’ll be glad to have him stay with the Giants.

      BTW, prior to Sabean taking over, the Giants had experienced 5 of 6 losing seasons including 4 seasons with Barry Bonds on the team.

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  10. GVeers says:

    BTW, disagree on MacPhail – he’s got the incredibly awesome Erik Bedard trade to his credit, and I think he might yet be vindicated in his moves this offseason. Certainly he’s nowhere near the level of these other jokers.

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  11. John R. says:

    I’d pick Kenny Williams.

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  12. Basil Ganglia says:

    I’ve always thought that the missing Dayton Moore snark simply reappeared as #6org meme.

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