Default Excel Chart: Top MLB Payrolls by Croatian Kuna

Kuna Chart 2

Despite having joined the European Union at the beginning of last July, Croatia remains excluded from the Schengen Area — a place both different from and also similar to the Swimsuit Area. As a result, the citizens of that same proud republic (i.e. Croatia) still conduct their money business by means of the kuna.

Apropos of his recent visit to Croatia, the author has produced a default Excel chart of the top-five MLB payrolls as expressed in either kuna or maybe kune, the latter representing the plural nominative form of the relevant noun.

Somewhere over 1.25 billion kuna, is how much the Dodgers are currently spending on their roster — enough, that, to purchase approximately 18.75 million liters of travarica, a strong herbal liqueur, from Caffe Bar Lero, located in central Zadar.

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

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  1. Mike Trout says:

    Croatian tuna? I LOVE Croatian tuna!

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    • Well-Beered Englishman says:

      Not sure if serious, but Croatian tuna is world-class and is flown to Japan for sashimi. You can see this on Anthony Bourdain’s “Croatia” episode, when the fisherman dramatically demonstrates the tuna’s purity by catching one, slicing it open immediately, and eating the thirty-seconds-ago-deceased tuna with his bare hands.

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  2. cass says:

    Dobar dan!

    Did you spend the whole week in Croatia? Did you just go to Zadar or elsewhere as well? I think I’ll have to forgive you absence now. Croatia is beautiful.

    The only phrases I really remember from studying for my trip there are “Ja sam Hrvat” (only 1/4 true in my case) and “Ja bih pivo” (always true).

    Well, also “Ne govorem Hrvatska”, uttered deflatedly to someone who tried to engage me in conversation on a bus and I could not understand a word, realizing all my months of study were for naught.

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  3. Shawn Young says:

    The Schengen Zone is about visas/immigration.
    The zone that uses the Euro is called… wait for it… the Euro Zone.

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    • a eskpert says:

      Carson can’t be expected to know about real world things, he’s a gentleman and a scholar. If scholars lacked knowledge of great historical political movements.

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  4. mlstarr says:

    Could we get kuna/WAR values somewhere? Why else would I read this?

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  5. MFYG says:

    Plitvice Lakes National Park, mandatory.

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  6. ncb says:


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  7. Aaron says:

    A $5 Ryanair flight where a pilot who looks about 16 lands HARD and SIDEWAYS in Zadar’s heavy crosswinds on his third and final attempt… oh god I miss Croatia.

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