Definitely Not Exclusive Bat-Flip Coverage: Wil Myers


Yesterday, Carson Cistulli’s proprietary equations determined that Wil Myers bat flips were alone in this galaxy. Simultaneously, DRaysBay user Edged was presenting this above GIF, in which Myers throws the bat right through your computer monitor.

Don’t put on your 3D goggles, kids! It will only make your eyes bleed.

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5 Responses to “Definitely Not Exclusive Bat-Flip Coverage: Wil Myers”

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  1. tz says:

    Does this put Myers into the leaderboard for PUIG scores? (PUIG = posted unique interesting GIFs)

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    • Urban Shocker says:

      Yes. Pretty sure the PUIG board looks like this in fact:

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  2. Rotorua says:

    Yeah, I was scoring at home and that’s how I have it as well. Confirmed.

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  3. Joser says:

    Since the TB bench is visible in the shot, it’s clear he was flipping it away from them. Just dicking with the batboy, I suppose.

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  4. Blueyays says:

    Why is Myers posterized as he runs away?

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