Depressing Baseball Posters

Look at David Nied! Just look at him!

David Nied is playing a boy’s game in a god’s country! Is that a cowhide baseball or a frosty snowball, both totems to a lad’s insouciance! The promises of youth! The crisp air in one’s lungs! The ball taking determined flight from the determined hands of a Young Man of America! Who cares if his paymasters will force him to pitch in Mile High Stadium! David Nied, Young Man of America, can do this!

David Nied failed.

This is Vic Tayback’s grave:

(Thanks, I guess: Old Time Family Baseball)

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  1. Mac says:

    Because I was apparently quite bored at work, I looked into the story of David Nied. What I found was the multitude of talent spilling out of the Dallas suburb of Duncanville.

    First off, let’s talk some Nied. A graduate of Ducanville High, where he attended school with Heather Cranford. Cranford is a notable name because she was a two-time contestant on The Bachelor. So failed prospect dates losing reality contestant. About equal levels of fame there. Cute story. A Lifetime original movie that would write itself.

    Let’s talk more Duncanville. This was the town Mean Joe Greene called home during the height of his NFL stardom. Who else lives in town? Tim DeLaughter, lead singer for the Polyphonic Spree.

    Doesn’t end there. Want some basketball? How about Takima Catchings, Duncanville High class of ’97, who is among the top talents to ever play in the WBNA.

    Not a bad list of alumni right there. Way to go Duncanville!

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  2. Guy says:

    i have had to use way too many times on this site. “insouciance.” impressive writing.

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  3. Detroit Michael says:

    Who is Vic Tayback? Why is he a part of this blog post? I’d guess he’s the artist who created the poster, but that’s just a guess.

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    • bud hall says:

      Vic Tayback was an actor whose most famous role was as Mel Sharples in the sitcom “Alice” (1976-1985). Mel was the owner and fry cook of the greasy spoon named Mel’s Diner.

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  4. glassSheets says:

    Awesome and hilarious work. Nothing makes my day quite like Dayn Perry reminding me that we are all going to die someday.

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  5. controlled_slide says:

    David Nied was my very first favorite player. My liking of baseball coincided fortuitously with the Rockies coming to Colorado, and I mailed a card to Nied (among others) for an autograph. It came back in the mail really quickly (like 3 or 4 days), so I assumed, obviously, that he was a super-nice guy, and thus was he my favorite player. I had this very poster in my bedroom for many years, along with an Andres Galarraga one and one that had Nied, Dante Bichette, Charlie Hayes, Galarraga, and, um, I forget.

    On another note, Nied pitched in the very first shutout in Rockies history, and had the first complete-game shutout in Rockies history. So there’s that.

    Anyway, rather than depress me, reminding me about this poster buoyed my spirits. Your move Perry.

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