Dick Allen Daguerreotype Contest: Entry!

You may have noticed that, some time around yesterday, America was roused from its torpor by news of an exciting sports contest. We the people have been charged with adopting the pose, bearing, manner, general milieu, and overarching blessedness of the great Mr. Dick Allen. Suffice it to say, this I could not resist.

First, the inspiration …

And now, the imitation …

I have spoken through photographic art. If you wish not to see that giant novelty check in my clutches, then I suggest you get to work.

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11 Responses to “Dick Allen Daguerreotype Contest: Entry!”

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  1. TartanElk says:

    You don’t seem to be enjoying thy cigarette enough compared to Monsieur Allen. I’m also not sure how to take the Cards jersey.

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  2. Seitz says:

    Whoa, good thing I read that Szymborski tweet before saying “needs more blackface”. That would have been awful. And what the hell, is that an oven mitt? Have you been doing some welding lately or something?

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  3. TartanElk says:

    I know it’s a fake cigarette. Now that I look at this again, to me, you bear a striking resemblance to Groucho Marx. That, is impressive.

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  4. Mac says:

    Lacking in composition. Note how Allen’s middle finger is aligned with is arms and follows the slightly leaned back stance. Perry’s fingers tilt much more, resulting in a less powerful image. Better camera angle and cropping on the Allen piece as well. Still, that’s a damn good attempt at reproduction there.

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  5. Eric Augenbraun says:


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