Dick Allen Sings!

Turns out Dick Allen, your hero and mine, once cut a single with a doo-wop outfit called the Ebonistics titled, “Echoes of November.” Please enjoy:

Yes, that’s Mr. Allen stretching out the pipes. And fine pipes they are. Dick Allen can hit and is tuneful!

Also: Allen performed the song live on at least one occasion. That occasion was at a 76ers game in 1969 on “Think Mink Night,” a promotion that entailed the bestowal of a mink coat upon one of Philadelphia’s leading and lucky ladies (I’m quite sure a male was ineligible to win the mink — after all, it wasn’t yet the 70s) and the opportunity to hear Dick Allen sing! Hosannas all around!

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5 years 2 months ago

That man needs to be in all sorts of Halls of Fame.

Cuban Pete
Cuban Pete
5 years 2 months ago

I can’t imagine the highly select staff at Groovey Grooves could have had the time to actually spell “Echoes” instead of “Echo’s.”
But then, there may be a town called November that has a fine establishment owned by a Ms. Echo. Alas, not to be. We have towns called Alice, Malice, Panic even, but not November.
Groovey Grooves had a short-lived side business for its performers: Grody Roadies.