Dickey, Anthopoulos Optimistic

In pathetic fulfillment of Patrick Dubuque‘s NotGraphs Villanelle Challengeā„¢

The Canadian Press, Chris Young / AP

R.A. & A.A. are optimistic
the Jays’ window widely splayed —
they’ve got they’re own heuristic.

They’ve got the arms and big sticks:
their trades have paved the way —
R.A. & A.A. are optimistic.

Due diligence to statistics
and comparable players, they have payed —
they’ve got they’re own heuristic.

R.A.’s a genius of ballistics —
the hitters he’s allayed!
R.A. & A.A. are optimistic.

A.A.’s a genius of logistics —
the trade chips he’s parlayed!
They’ve got their own heuristic.

Still, there are the pragmatics —
the games have yet to be played.
But R.A. & A.A. are optimistic:
They’ve got their own heuristic.

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    Are we done yet?

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