Discovery: Baseball Player’s Musical Side Project Not Terrible

The baseball landscape is littered with harmonic carcasses of side projects gone bad. Baseball players — perhaps out of boredom or ill-advised thought — have made numerous attempts at expressing themselves through music.

Omar Vizquel tried to prove his vocal range to be as prominent as his defensive range.

Barry Zito has collaborated with other washed-up Californians.

Bronson Arroyo keeps giving us reasons to hate him.

And Trevor Bauer does this.

But all is not lost. Twins prospect Trevor May makes his own music, some of which he shared the other day.

While I don’t expect May to headline (insert name of prominent electronic music festival here) any time soon, this is surprisingly OK. I mean, it doesn’t cause cringing or laughing or general exasperation, at least for the present author. As one who is prone to panic attacks, I still find this type of music unsettling, but I managed to listen to the whole thing. You may not be a fan of house music, but it’s not hard to imagine this playing behind a The Matrix ripoff or some sort of energy drink commercial. Is this a sign of things to come? Are we to expect music made be baseballers to be upwards of good in the next decade?

Let us hope, fair NotGraphs readers. Let us crack our glow sticks, drop our ecstasy, and pray that Trevor May will guide his people through the parted Red Sea of terrible projects past.

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  1. Yo Trev do you know where Molly’s at?

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  2. I want to see the Rays clubhouse do a cover of “Gee, Officer Krupke.”

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  3. BubbaNoTrubba says:

    I’m torn here. Should we hope he make it in the majors or hope he fails, so he turns to a career in music instead? Kid’s got some major talent.

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  4. yaboynate says:

    David, my life was ok before listening to these.

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  5. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    Sequitur: I’ve been waiting for Pete Rose to do musical reviews for awhile now.

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  6. av says:

    The 1990 Cincinnati Redlegs could do no wrong, as demonstrated here –

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  7. gnomez says:

    How could you leave out Bernie Williams?

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